Saturday, July 30, 2011

Big Storm in Port Dickson

People currently are shocked with the news of bullet train accident happened in China last week. From the news, the accident was said due to power outages caused by electrical storm where one of the train was struck by a lightning causing stoppage and later was rammed by another train.
Wow.. pretty horrific news given that the casualties count were 39 killed while 12 victims were in critical condition.

But do you know, today, as in 30th July in Saturday, Port Dickson was hit by another storm. Well, not another electrical storm, but a storm regardless. No casualties count, but the property damage did makes people to be thankful that no one was killed. Look at the picture below, and tell me that no one was sent flying by the storm. 

Nope! I hope not. Just tree trunks and road sign blown by the strong winds, hitting the parked cars on the side road. This have yet to be reported in the mainstream news, and I'm not sure whether is anyone injured by the storm. Hopefully not. I'm pretty sure there was no one in that car, when it was wrecked by that giant tree trunk.

My sympathy to the car owners, and hopes no one was injured in the incident.



  1. My family and I was caught right in the middle of the storm. Trees were flying, lots of cars and houses was damaged. We were trying to swerve through the storm while trying to avoid the flying branches and trees, one branch did knock on our car causes a small dent, luckily all of us are safe. Thought of having a picnic before Ramadhan but caught in adventure instead. Hmmm just like in the movie.

  2. Very localised storm occurred immediately after the (now irregular) Army and Police joint passing out parade at PD:

    A localised storm also occured years ago in Jalan Semarak when Mahathir attended a family day of Police Field Force members after so-called Memali.

  3. Saif: Wow, really? Sounds like a little typhoon there wasn't it? The storm didn't just cause tree trunks fying all over place, I heard it even damaged pipes somewhere in Kota Linggi supplying water to the PD residences. I watched it in Buletin Utama and it says PD and the surrounding area would have water shortages until 3rd of August..


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