Wednesday, January 22, 2014

[Movie] The Mortal Instrument: City of Bones

Last week was 'Kangkung' week. We laughed, we had fun, and now we back to whatever the things that we do everyday. Actually, I wanted to write an article to elaborate whats with the 'Kangkung' stuff, but the issue got posted all over the media, I don't think I need to do so. Today alone, I found 3 news about 'Kangkung' from while I was checking my email. Ah.. All I hope, for the love of God, is that people will never forget about the 'Kangkung' thing. Its actually pretty important issue. If I were to write and article about it.. nah, its to tiring.

Tonight I wanted to write something else first, for disclosure, that sort of thing. A movie called The Mortal Instrument: City of Bones, have you guys watched this? It was released on August 2013, and yeah, not exactly the latest movie. But still interesting enough for me.

For one, the name of the movie made it almost look like,  some sort of a movie with sequels. You know, like Lord of the Ring: the Two Towers, or Harry Potter: Prisoner of Azkaban, that sort of thing. Its actually a movie based on a novel series called The Mortal Instrument. If you a fan of Twilight, then this movie is like a complementary movie, of sort. You know, like when you put your movie collections all together on a shelf, and on one side you have soap opera while the other side have.. dark, sinister, good versus evil vamps and werewolf sort of thing. Not to mention, just like Twilight, it also got a novels in series. So more fan merchandise for you.

Ok, I need to be truthful here. The thing is, I almost took this movie as the Twilight rip-off. Though it is not. The story is about Shadowhunters who are half human and half angel. Their job is to fight evil behind shadows far from humanity eyes. What makes thing even interesting is that they could imbue their body with magical runes, thanks to their half angel part, allowing them to walk unnoticed by using invisibility rune. What makes thing sucks though, there are not many of them and they are a dying breed.

But the theme is just like in Twilight. A whole bunch of kids, or young adults, bickering among them in their adventure while the fate of the world hang in balance, or something. The main character is Clary Fray, she's the one in the middle in the picture, she is important, because she is urm.. a daughter of an ex-Shadowhunter. The ex-Shadowhunter, her mom, didn't exactly quit, more like she betrayed the organisation and went AWOL. And she took the Mortal Cup with her as well. Was it important you ask? Well, the cup is used to create more Shadowhunters, so...

So the mom, block the little girl's memory, so she wouldn't remember who she really is. But as she grew and becoming mature, the memory block becomes less and less effective. Turns out she is the only person who could get the Cup which her mother hide. So every one after her.. bla bla bla..

Lol, and then it bored at that point. Well, to me that is. I never a fan of Twilight before. I never could understand this kind of story, because my type of fantasy fiction story would be something less greasy. Some with either futuristic or more explosive magic. In this story, its concentrate more with the main character love story.

There are only a few occasions where you get to seen some monsters like vamps and werewolf, and demons. But still it seems something is lacking. I guess a lot of things were happening to fast, you don't even understand whats going on. The explanation about the new world after Clary was awakened, doesn't seem to be sufficient. The Shadowhunter (or the dude in picture above) just babble about something magical and the Clary just eats it all up like it was the most natural thing to do. And there there were love conflict happening even when, in the story, Clary mother was kidnapped.

All in all, the movie got potential. The setting was good, it just that the story was spinning to wildly, I don't even understand what going on. Twist were thrown all over the place, I lose track of the whole story. There were part where one of the veteran Shadowhunter betrayed the kids, and then friends of Clary's mother were a werewolf and a warlock....

Oh, what was the disclosure I was talking about? I'm going to throw away this movie. But I'm actually going to wait for the sequel, probably would be much better. I just to write this so I would remember why I throw away the first movie.

That all. =P


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