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[Movie] 'Mad Max' to the max

Anxiously waiting, finally, Mad Max: Fury Road came out and can be considered as one of the most anticipated and best movie in 2015. A post-apocalyptic adventure action film, written and directed by George Miller, the film is the fourth installment in the Mad Max franchise. The previous sequel was Mad Max: Beyond Thunderdome, was released in 1985.

So, was the wait worth it? Can I say, totally? Absolutely. The film retain its dystopian theme, and above all else, the hig- speed-vehicle-chase war. Returning back, the star and main character, one and only, Max Rockatansky. Played by Tom Hardy instead of Mel Gibson because well, in this film, Max haven't aged that much.

It wasn't revealed how much time had passed after the Thunderdome and Bartertown, only that Mad Max is back on road. This time, he met with another settlement that as hostile or more than the previous ones. Well, technically they found him. Chased him, grabbed his ass, and made him an unwilling blood donor. Lack of digital and writing material, they tattooed his back of his medical record.  

Mad Max: Road warrior and also a universal blood donor.

A strange twist of fate, really. I mean who goes out raiding in a desolated wasteland looking for blood donors? I'll tell you who, desperate people who are living in the wasteland where the population are either sick, dead, or mutants. To them, Max must be a rare specimen. Too precious to be made a grilled steak, but not too precious to be used as commodity, such as a blood bag.

So he he got caged and kept barely alive so that his blood may fueled the half alive of the 'War Boys'. War Boys is a bunch of mutants that serves as the Citadel's paramilitary arm. Warlike and suicidal, not the kind of group that you want to stumble on in the middle of nowhere.

A place known only as the Citadel, it sounds like a good place to go amidst the deadly wasteland. Well, it is, but only if you're the guy named Immortan Joe (Hugh Keays-Byrne). Otherwise, not really a place you want to visit. He led a cult called the 'V8', followed by the hordes of the fanatical War Boys.

The Citadel lies on top of a 3 huge natural rock towers, with a massive aquifer beneath it. It was originally inhabited by a group of heavily armed men. But like all groups of heavily armed men in post-apocalyptic world, they got killed by another group of heavily armed men  In this case, by Immortan Joe's gang.

The 'Immortan Joe'.

Emerged victorious, Immortan Joe turned that place into a superpower in the region. Supported and supplied by Gas Town and Bullet Farm, anything that moves that came into view from the Citadel's high rock towers will be raided, robbed, and scavenged.

This is one of many reasons why Mad Max: Fury Road was so awesome. There are backstories worth digging . It wasn't explained fully in the film, but portrayed enough to make people wonder if there are more to it. In fact, Mad Max comic series was released to elaborate more on the new characters and factions.

Speaking of character, Max meet with new characters that will help him escape from being someone's bitch for the rest of his lives. Well, sort of. After Max was captured by the War Boys, he was stuck in a iron cage. Then, something happened. An Imperator went rogue.

'Imperator' means commander, usually led the War Boys for supply run, raiding, scouting, or war party. In one of the routine supply run, an Imperator named Furiosa (Charlize Theron) suddenly brought her convoy off road into hostile territory. Confused, the War Boys kept following her. But it did not went unnoticed by the Citadel.

Corpus Colossus (Quentin Kenihan), Immortan Joe's son, saw the convoy altered direction and alerted his father. Puzzled with this sudden development, Immortan Joe quickly went to his vault to check on his 'property'. Turns out Furiosa had taken his wives, well technically sex slaves, but designated as 'breeder', all five of them.

Coming in hot? Nope, they coming in blaze.
Furious, Immortan Joe assembled his war party to pursue Imperator Furiosa. Joining him was a dying War Boys named Nux (Nicholas Hoult). Nux was 'topping up' his blood using Max, when the call for war came up. His lancer, Slit (Josh Helman), was about to take his car but he stopped Slit and insist that he can go to war, by headbutting Slit square in the face to prove his point. So he mounted Max on his car, like a proper blood bag.

Road battle ensued of course, though, Furiosa was lucky that the War Boys that were on her war rig realized her betrayal way too late. Furiosa managed to gain some distance using the sandstorm, but Nux managed to tail her closely enough to end up near Furiosa's war rig after the storm blew over. But Nux was knock unconscious because err.. Furiosa smashed his car in the sandstorm.

Good thing Nux and Max are made of tough stuff. So Mad Max finally gets to shine. He picked up Nux after failing repeatedly to cut the chain that binds him to Nux, and went to the Furiosa's war rig that happened to stop and rest ahead. They wrestle among each other, Nux helped Max, thinking Max might join him, but was wrong. Max just wanted to escape.

But he cannot, because Furiosa told him that she and Immortan Joe's Five Wives were also trying to escape the Green Place. Also, Furiosa set her war rig with certain starter sequence just in case someone tried to steal her ride. So together, they all travel toward a happier future.        

Or did they? Urmm.. it wouldn't be a Mad Max movie if there were not a substantial amount of people died. Preferably crashed and burned. So yeah, the ending was superb, emotionally touching, and liberating.

Swamp people, or could be a new species of kangaroos.
If anything, this film have opened up a whole new horizon on the franchise. Bit by bit, the world of Mad Max was revealed in its true form. Not just some blasted wasteland of sand dunes all over, but motes of leftover civilizations that comprise of different gangs and tribes, like the War Boys, the Buzzards, the Vuvalini of Many Mothers, and the Rock Rider. All at each others throat.

Its a crazy world out there. And if I'm in or anywhere near that world, I would be as mad as Max too. Time to polish my survival skills, just in case.


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