Sunday, November 15, 2015

Block of Writer: End of year is nearing.

Hey, we're back. That was a long, long vacation we took because, we all need to clear our heads a little. Well, not really. We've been working on another project. And it kind of took a really long time, but alas, we made it. Huzzah.

Before the end of the year, I will cover on every movies that I can get my hands on because this year have a lot of the most anticipated movies, though some of them actually fell flat. Well, I guess that is the nature of things.

During our journey to see the world at wider spectrum, we have been discussing. You see, one of the author in this blog, lives in a country that is in turmoil. Not the kind of war-riddled turmoil, but a turmoil where a huge public unrest may or may not blown up to a full uprising. Full of suspense, I'd say.

So I suggested to our chief editor that we do pieces on stuff like that and broaden our scope. And, he shot my idea down before the discussion could even bloom proper. Our chief editor hates political piece, a lot. He hated it so much that we rarely write about current event simply because the events have traces of politically motivated.

Its not the we never wrote anything about current event. We do, but only if we could write it as light and educational as possible. Most political articles are either biased or a propaganda. So to avoid from leaning toward certain side and blind one of our metaphorical eyes, we tend to choose the most random subject from the current event and tried to write it in the most entertaining way as possible.

Which is hard, and which is why we rarely published them.

But just now, the chief editor have allowed us to write on one particular subject. Our metaphorical eyes are now turned toward Malaysia, a peninsular island federation, where battles between good and evil are happening even as we speak.

Good news is that we don't have to choose side. Because that federation have been ruled by the same political coalition party for over half a century. No other side have been in power since their independence. So its just between good, and evil.


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