Saturday, March 13, 2010

Out of Dough

Woo.. I'm down to RM5 in my wallet plus a butterfly.

What have I eaten for the past week? I'd just withdraw like RM50 last Wednesday.
What have I bought for the past week? A notepad and a pencil sharpener? Nah.. 

When I think about it  again, I guess it really have something to do with what I have ate.
Everyday, I would buy a food pack or 'bento' or 'nasi bungkus' for both lunch and dinner. Usually it cost me like RM3.50 to RM4.00 per pack. Then on my home from the food court, I'll stop by a convenience store and bought like 3-4 can of Coffee-O. For the urm.. all-nighters that I've been pulling the whole week.
And that ladies and gentlemen, cost me about RM3.60 or RM4.80.
Put it all together, and you can see I spend almost RM10.00 a day.

Now what that makes of me?
A prison inmate who had 3 meals a day for RM10? Nah. even the inmates are well fed.. 

Bottom line is that,
I've received an e-mail from my father telling me that my credit card bit a little bit too much for the month. Wow...
So, what have I been eating and drinking this month??



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