Tuesday, March 23, 2010


I've just finished playing Dragon Age: Origin, but I'll get to that later. It was a great game though.. good plot, graphic is nice, gameplay is simply easy to handle. But.. seriously I'll get to that later.

What I'm gonna let out off my mind tonight.. is something that have been bothering me for quiet  a while. The things that I despise, about a person..

Yup, that's it. The thing is, I only come to despise the deed of the people, not the people themselves. But for the past few weeks, I come to despise certain people. I understand, that some people have their own nature and it is impossible to change them. Unless we talking about the kindergarten kids, which they can be trained and nurtured to be the way we want them to be.

3 types of people that I despise the most. 
The first one is the one being two-faced. Meaning that in front of you, this person would be smiling, complimenting and all that to you. But behind your back? Seems every single one of your flaws be exposed to whomever could endure hearing it, even someone who doesn't even know you. But this type of person is the least that I despise, because there are always ways to handle such.. thing.

The second one is a person who talk behind your back. Its not the same as being two-faced, because you know someone being two-faced, is someone that is close to you. Back talker could be someone you haven't met at all. It all start with a rumors, then it spread out like wild fire, the next thing you know, you sitting besides someone who is completely stranger and you can hear him talking to you.. "I heard that you..." Fill in the blanks with the nastiest stuff you could possibly think off.
Wow, bummer eh.

The last and the most I despise of a person, is someone who likes to say that you are troubling her, making her work harder but never show what really is the trouble. Here is a situation. You meet a clerk, ask her to do some paperwork, scold you for troubling her, and get her paycheck at the end of the month with you money. Do you get it? No?
Another example, you go and meet your teacher, ask about your studies and ask for extra work, teacher scold you for troubling her and refuse to do the work, you paid you tuition fees but she got paid at the end of the month for.. scolding you.

Yup... that were my days...
This is just my random rants. Nothing serious really.

Of all the people I despise, it doesn't stop me from loving someone too.
Thank you for your all and always support Princess.

From the Prince aka Sunshine with Love.



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