Saturday, November 13, 2010

Book: Warhammer 40k - The Horus Heresy Series Part 1

Hurmm.. Right after my exam was over, I went straight to the mall, watched some movies and bought my favorite novel series. I've always wanted to read The Horus Heresy series. Reading from Lexicanum didn't provide enough info about the universe of Warhammer 40k. I was always interested about what really happened between these primarches of the Space Marine Legion. Haha


So the first book was, The First Heretic. I think its a new release, because I haven't seen the book on any store before. Anyway, the this book also under The Horus Heresy series and covers a lot about Lorgar, primarch of the Word Bearer Leagion
The book uncover about what the primarch really think about the Great Crusade. Apparently, the Emperor was displeased with Lorgar attempt to create a new religion that worshiped the Emperor. Which is kinda an irony because one of the reason for the Great Crusade was not just to unify the Mankind but also to bereft the religious ignorance. Anyway, it seems that Lorgar did not alone walk the path of damnation. There was a couple of slithering vipers that spouts venomous ideas to Lorgar, causing him to take the Pilgrimage and onward toward the Eye of Terror. Who are these venomous vipers? And What did Lorgar found in the Eye of Terror, that causes him to betray the Emperor? This book really shed some light about Lorgar real motivation behind the instigation of a galaxy-wide civil war.


Another book that I have bought and read, is the Galaxy in Flames. Also another series of The Horus Heresy. This book covers about initial phase of the Horus Heresy. Yeah, someone told me I should read the False Gods first, because that is what the chronological order for the Horus Heresy events. But... what the hell. I've read the Tales of Heresy and Let the Galaxy Burn, so I thought the book of Galaxy in Flames have the same short stories piled up in one book. Turns out it was not. This book takes in depth of the story behind the Horus masterful tactics to purge his Legion and the remaining loyalist element from other Legion such as World Eater, Emperor's Children and Death Guard. On another front, there also stories of Euphrati Keeler and Kyril Sindermann, 2 human persistently trying to impose the belief of Lectitio Divinitatus, much to irritate the Warmaster Horus.

So that is all. I actually bought more books but haven't finished them all, yet. Well I did finish reading the Redemption Corp, Flesh and Iron, and Let the Galaxy Burn, but I will get to that later. For now, from what I have read it seems that the Emperor is right. Even in the end he was betrayed. None of the primarch save Horus, knew that the Chaos entities are nothing without humans. The fact that they NEED humans to do their bidding, even in the course of destroying the Geller field in the Emperor's Lab in order for Chaos to warp away the infant primarches.

Opss.. Did I said to much? Hurm, anyway its a good read. I like the part where Magnus met Lorgar and warned him of the sly vipers that he kept around. Lorgar couldn't let it go, and finally succumbed into his own obsession. How dramatic. A primarch fallen like a mere mortal men..

Next time I should get my hand on the Mechanicum. That would ought to be interesting. Hehe


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