Friday, November 12, 2010

Petty Fools

Sometimes I wonder.. What has the world become into? Or maybe it isn't the world, but just the group of people that I'm passing through. 
I have never paid any attention to other people affairs, as long it doesn't cross my way. Yeah, I know, it kinda sound selfish of me. But I have a principle of, no one can help you, not even a god, if you don't help yourself first. So there you go, unless a person come to me and ask for help, I would budge even I know where that person is going to end.

It have been a while since I post anything. Because I was busy with my exams. Now it already ended, I thought of spending some time writing something. 

Someone came to me and ask whether I could make peace with the.. this human that I hate. 
I ask of him, 'Why?'. 
He said that it could be necessary for collaboration or some sort in the future. 
I said back, 'Dude, he is not going to be here anywhere in the future unless YOU invite him to. He is already at the end of his term.' 
And he replied back, 'We might need him again, who knows.' 
With a grim voice, I said, ' No, YOU need him. In fact, you all worship him." 
I sighed.. 'This is beneath me. It only pains me when you all claim yourself to be free thinker and independent, where you couldn't even stand on your own 2 feet. Do what you must, it concerns me no more'.
I turned back and walk away. Some would say I was emotional, probably running away crying or some sort. But I was back home and continued playing Mass Effect 2.

In another occasion, someone brought up an issue. Its about being offended. He asked, if someone offend you, would you offend him back? I answered, depends. He asked again, depends on what? I gave him a straight face and said, depends on whether he would stop being a wuss! Then I laughed. He persistently said, whats wrong with being offended? I said, nothing is wrong, what is your point? 
Then he started to explain. 'Some people think that they cannot be offended and that is their right. But the thing is, what can you do if you are offended?' 
I look into his face, and clenched my fist. I was a bit irritated with this kind of discussion. I replied back to him, 'Hurm.. I would do things that fit with the counter-offense, I guess.' 
'Like what?' He asked. 
'Isn't kinda weird that you ask me that question? I mean, in your holy book have this verse saying For in the same way you judge others, you will be judged, and with the measure you use, it will be measured to you.- Matthew 7:2' I said. 
'What relevance is that?' He asked again. 
'The relevance is that, if someone were to judged others flaws and misfortune, he would be judged the same way later.' I sighed.. 'So it means, if someone offended you, it is only right for you beat the shit out of him.' 
With a shocked face he said, 'Huh? Don't you think that is a bit extreme?' 
I turned my gaze to him and said, 'Don't think that I don't know where this is going..' 
Then we both quiet down, and depart to our own ways. Ignorant as I might be, I have no interest to drag others to my fight. 

Somewhere around the night, a friend come by. His face was gloom and unremarkable. Its probably because of his blue hood he was wearing. 
He mentioned something to me, 'Did you noticed? There are words going around. They said you causes this.'
I replied, 'In what way, even remotely, that I caused this?'
He said, 'Because of you, they need to make the choice..'
'Bah, what choice? The words play on their lips, but they already made the choice.' I growled.
'They said that they value the friendships, but I knew, deep within, they worship that filth. Is it not clear already when they accused an innocent soul of treachery, where the man didn't even lift a finger against them. The fact that that filth wrestle every position available in that theater, right under their nose. And the poor soul was blamed for he only hold a lowly place.'
He returned my gaze and said firmly, 'Does it affect you?'
I smiled and looked at the stars in the skies. 'Not at all.'
He doesn't seemed surprised but asked anyway, 'Is there something?'
'I found a note.' I said. 'An interesting note.'
'What does it said?' He asked
'It reveals a human hypocrisy, truly when they are blinds of their own reflection. In the note, a person wishes another to be patience for what happened to the poor soul, and bad mouthing the so called torturer. Little that this person know, that she is the torturer and she is the cause of the misfortune.' I explained.
'Lots of things have happened.' He said.
'Time is the essence here' Again I smiled.
I looked at my cigarette pack, and throw it away. For I have breathe its foul smokes and meld it with the atmosphere of deceit and lies around me. It would not be the last, but this time, I pity the fools.


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