Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Kira Ayn Varszegi and breast-brush painting

I was surfing the internet the other day.. and I stumbled into this accidentally.
I know, you guys probably thinking that I was looking for PORN at that time. Actually I did not.. Seriously! I was looking for an article, tips, or anything, about keeping a tortoise as a pet. I found Kira's video in the Youtube.com where she shows how she trained her pet tortoise to stands up and kiss her. It was a cool video.. though I doubt the tortoise was actually trying to kiss her.. More like the tortoise is going to snap her lips..

Anyway, one thing leads to another.. I ended up in her website which is called Turtle Kiss. Now you know that I'm really telling you the truth. I WAS looking for info about pet tortoise. There is a tortoise her website. She named him Koopa. Wait.. what is the difference between turtle and tortoise?

Nevermind that. Anyway she used her turtle before for her painting before she go for breast painting. Nope, not painting her breast.. its not body painting. But she use her breast to paint on a canvas. Sounds weird at first but, we all should know this by now. Most if not all artists are eccentric but creative nonetheless. 

Here is Kira Ayn Varszegi with her art:

And here is the Koopa the turtle:

The turtle, remember? The one I was stumbled upon when I was looking about tortoise.. Never mind. Mine is a terrapin anyway..
I spend some time looking at the paintings and to tell the truth, it was kinda beautiful. You can see more in her website at Turtle Kiss and be prepared to be amaze. Some of her painting was really phenomenal. She also have listed her collections of painting in her Ebay's store.

I wonder if I could use my terrapin for painting.. or train him to paint for me.
Hahaha, that would be a stroke of genius.


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