Tuesday, June 21, 2011

[Tutorial] Bypass MCMC/ SKMM Blockade using DNSJumper

You probably felt sick with this topic already, but what can we do? Currently this topic is hotly being discussed across the internet and have taken a huge coverage by the media. RIM (Recording Industry Association of Malaysia) have been making statements with a lot of local newspapers to justify their reasons of pushing the Act that leads to country wide internet censorship.

I'm not going to indulge further more into the issue, because you know.. whatever reasons given by the RIM, it still full shit anyway. All I can say is that even if they took the examples of other country such as Belgium, France and Italy with their internet censorship, they did it because they wanted to block PORN sites. Apparently for other countries, they consider child pornography is much more important issues to handle than file hosting..

Anyway, yes.. there is a software to help users especially in Malaysia to bypass the stupid blockade by the MCMC. I'm sorry for not including it earlier in tutorial of bypassing the MCMC blockade, but its no one loss anyway. At least you get to know the inner working of your internet connection. Just in case the MCMC tries something funny in the future.. 

The software is called DNSJumper, and it will help you to change you DNS setting with just a click, or several clicks, of buttons.

Its really simple. First you need to choose your network card. Remember, if you are using USB based Modem, you need to choose that. Not your ethernet Local Area Network Card.

Then click on the 'Fastest DNS' button and let the software ping all the DNS servers and it will automatically. Just wait for it to finish.

Finally you can click on the ' Apply DNS Servers' button and... That is it. You can close the application and enjoy you internet surfing. Good luck!

Oh yes, you can get the software here.


Choose either 2 of the file hosting that still works. I uploaded it in 2 file hosting in case one of already been blocked. Comment below if the links no longer works.


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