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The Chaser's War on Everything

Have you watched an Australian satirical comedy broadcast called 'The Chasers'? Not the movie with same name, but a TV series broadcast by ABC (Australian Broadcasting Corporation). If you like to watch black satirical comedy such as South Park cartoon series, then The Chasers is definitely will fit in your next to see in the list, you if haven't seen yet.

The series was starred by Chas Licciardello, Andrew Hansen, Julian Morrow, Chris Taylor, Craig Reucassel, and Charles Firth. The series was first aired on 17th Feb '06 and sadly ended on 29th July '09. They had a great run, created 58 episodes in 3 seasons. 

The content of the series was mainly on Australia current issues and of course most of its jokes was intended to the Australian audiences, but because Australia is one of the biggest multicultural country, so the jokes get to everyone. Yep, no one escapes from their satirical jokes. In fact, most of its segments concentrate on Australian political issues and government policies. They hassle not only politicians and cabinet ministers, but also their own Prime Minister. Which the segments itself was a joke, because The Chasers was broadcast by the ABC, in other word their show was funded by the Australian government.

Other segments also include about other TV channels' current affair programme such as Channel 9's A Current Affair and Channel 7's Today Tonight where the Chasers criticize and making fun on the programmes' sensationalism. This is one of my favourite. It was hilarious, its like a new level of trolling.       

From left: Chas Licciardello, Chris Taylor, Craig Reucassel, Andrew Hansen and Julian Morrow.

When the series was made they have a few names suggested. Some of it were too normal like 'The Chaser is Right' and 'Hey hey, its the Chaser', while some were pushing it abit far like 'The Age of Terror Variety Hour' and 'Thank Allah its Friday'. Finally they settle it with the name 'The Chaser's War on Everything'.

Believe it or not, this show was not without controversial issues such as going to far in their jokes and stunts. One of it was their APEC pranks where they tried to circumvent the APEC security (which they almost did) and commented on George Bush's treatment to APEC importance (this guy called APEC as 'OPEC' in his speech). They were caught, along with the TV crews, but later the charges were dropped because the fault on the police for giving them to enter restricted area in the first place. The Chaser's comment, it seems the police wouldn't bother to check your identity if you could produce something similar to the security card or clearance card.   

How could the police missed this, I have no idea..

There are more in this shows, but I don't think could write it all down. Enough to say that this show is really awesome and hilarious. Although the Chasers did alot of dangerous stunts and some even offensives to other people, but I think this comedy show actually covers more real current issue than other current issue programme out there. Well, mostly current issue in Australia.. but still! This show provide critical criticism towards the government and voicing out the real need of Australian people. I'm not saying always criticising is good, but that IS the reason why you have the opposition party in Democracy, right?   

Too bad the show ended in 29th July '09, and I have no idea if they ever continued the production ever again. You can watch their video online in:



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