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[Tutorial] How to bypass broadband limit

As we all now.. most ISP provider nowadays have put a limit for broadband bandwidth onto their customer. The most obvious one is Celcom Broadband. Because.. they send a message saying that they going to do so. And not just that. The subsequent offer for sales that comes later started to show a table of limitation or restriction for user to download/upload per month.

This is actually not a new issue. It have been around since last year. It just that.. now I'm feeling like sharing a tutorial. Haha. 

For a product that you spends money on, it is a bad idea to be restricted on its usage. Especially when you need an unlimited access to it. Customers usually complains that if the new restriction are to be imposed, why not reduce the subscription prices? For those who feel cheated and treated unfairly, you don't have to worry. There is a sinister but yet a simple way to breach the broadband limit imposed by the ISP provider. With that being said, be warned. Do this on your own risk..

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What are we going to here is that we going to do something called the "Ping of Death". Ping of Death involves of sending packet data at the size of 32 Bytes. 
I'm not going through the technical stuff here but basically Ping of Death is some kind of...... Cookie Monster! 
Ok I'm just joking. Ping of Death is actually can be a basic denial-of-service attack. Let just say that as long as that you won't try to sent packet data more than the size of 32 Bytes, you basically just saying hello to the other computer. 

Ping of Death that I'm gonna show here is a type of ping-flooding. Where we going to flood the server with so much ping traffic, the server won't be able to keep up and the normal traffic would not be able to reach up the system. It would look that your IP address and internet connection are resetting to the system. Therefore, the system would fail to register the real usage of your bandwidth. Also, its helps you to stay connected. How so? Here so: 

1. Click on 'Start' and search for 'Command Prompt' program. For Vista, it can easily be recognized like this:

If you are not using Vista, you can go to click on Start> Run> and type CMD in the box and click 'OK'. You'll get something like this:

2. Next, after you got to the 'Command Prompt' window.. Type in: 'ipconfig' or 'ipconfig/all'. It something like this:

3. Then you'll get something like this:

The value that we are looking here is the IP address that we are using. For our internet connection of course. I've highlighted the part what we need, its the IPv4 Address and nothing else. I've censored my IP address because.. its not good for your health. Haha

4. If you are using USB based modem, you'll need to fine the name of your modem such Huawei, Alcatec or Vofaphone, instead of Local Area Network. You'll get an IP address, e.g, something like that. This is a normal IP address for phone-line broadband like Celcom. Now remember, its the IP on IPv4 Address only. Or it could be just the IP Address, depends on your hardware.

After you got the IP address, what you need to do is ping the IP. Type in: 'ping [the IP address that you just got] -t' ,without the bracket. It would like something like this:

5. And.... thats it. You just let it run as long as you online, and you'll get unlimited usage of the internet bandwidth. And it helps you stay connected because you keep pinging the IP.

Oh yea, another way to make the subsequent 'Ping of Death' much easier.. you can create a looping program yourself. 

Open up a notepad, and use the information that you just retrieve from the Command Prompt. Type in:

ping [the IP addresss that you got from the Command Prompt]

Type the command without the bracket and save the file as Connections.bat. And.... That it. You can put the file on desktop and keep clicking it everytime you reached your broadband limits. Easy.

Notice that the last picture above, if you are successful in pinging the IP address, it would bring out such notice, 'Reply from .... :bytes=32 and so on' and it should be keep on repeating until it pinged to death.

Lastly, do this on your own risk. Comment below if you have other suggestion or having problem, except if you got banned by Celcom.. that, I cannot help. Peace


  1. hi there.really appreciate ur tut0rial, tried it, but my speed is still sl0w like before..i'm celcom bb user, n using wind0ws xp...

  2. Does this work if the broadband has already limited your download speed? Because it seemed to work, but my download speed is still just as slow as before.

  3. Will this work for my university's limit?

  4. sorry i didn't reply as soon as possible.. i've been busy.. but no, it will not work with the university limit. its their network under their supervision.. if you still getting slow speed, it probably because of the signal. this tutorial is to go over the capped limit..

    what am i babbling here.. this is an old tutorial.. there are other new tips and technique available out there.. maybe i'll make a new tutorial later.. maybe..

  5. i have a way to get unlimited usage kouta on broadband....
    email me if you want know

    1. will you please let us know how. I have sent you an email but you didnt reply. Please send me an email to :

  6. i know how to hack ping but not this.......
    basically there is no such a hack that can make our broadband bypass the limit...

    here im gonna show u guys how to use this ping hack...

    first,open Command Prompt write (ipconfig)
    then,go to Command Prompt again and write regedit
    after that,click HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE>SYSTEM>CurrentControlSet>services>Tcpip>Parameters>interfaces>
    then,Find ur ip in that file...
    lastly,after u find ur Right mouse and choose new>DWORD Value and name it TCPNoDelay>click Right mouse choose modify put 1 hecximal after make another DWORD name TcpAckFrequency and 1 hexcimal......

    reboot ur pc then enjoys!!!.....

  7. This comment has been removed by the author.

  8. Its speed up in Dialog Srilanka but only browsing is extreme fast but Downloads and youtube wont go faster than 16kbps my speed is limited by FUP 5GB limit only 128kbps very slow in downloads and utube plz help me.... Thanks.

  9. I have to ping my wireless address ipv4 or my internet address that i get from whats my ip.??

    1. if you are using wireless Router disconnect it and use ethernet and ping 192.168.x.x (what your address is) or maybe just ping 192.168.x.x if you found it without disconnecting Wifi :P Good luck.

      Hey author can we ping package data higher than 32bytes ?
      does it will help ?

  10. My wifi address is there 192.168.x.x should i use this or ethernet address works.

  11. general error.
    general error.
    general error.
    . . .
    infinte times . . . .
    this is what what m getting. . . .
    what to do ????

  12. Not working T.T Is there any new way?? P1 user.T.T

  13. I think you need to set your network card interface to full duplex on network properties

  14. I am Indian BSNL broadband user.
    will it work for Bsnl Broadband in india?

  15. when i type that it shows like this-:
    reply frm **.***.***.***:(my ip) bytes=32 time=1ms TTL=63
    it keeps repeating it self after sometime it stops
    so is it working or not??

  16. Not at all working!!!! guys don't waste time in such stupid things
    for gods sake

  17. People can be really dumb to follow such things.That looping "ping' rather creates an extra traffic to your bandwidth.

    1. explain why my download speed went from a varying (800-900) to a constant and ever so steady 1MB/s? (i know it's not that fast but.....)

  18. trik tolol! yang ada tambah lambat bukan tambah cepet.. ceburin ke laut aja neh TS

  19. LOL don't misdirect internet users. you are just telling to them, ping LAN IP.

  20. Steadied the internet speed for a bit, but no increase. Still amazing! tried two windows running (timed so it would flood better). Maybe the server is able to handle the pinging... dunno though

  21. Las empresas de internet te envian un Modem/Router en comodato. Ahora mismo es posible adquirir el que prefieras comprando mediante Mercado Libre o Ebay, Según donde te encuentres. No tan necesario jugar a que eres el mas ingenioso. Y simplemente cambias tu Router y le configuras en tu pc con los mismos pasos. Llamas a tu operador sin avisarle del cambio que haz echo. y Wuala! ahí tienes una Banda Ancha Superior.

    PD: Que molesto se hace que cada vez que recarga tenga que esperar los 13s xD

  22. do we have to do this before our connection is capped or is it after the connection is capped?

  23. Hi,

    First of all let me introduce BSNL. Its an Indian Internet Service Provider (Broadband Connection via DSL Technology using a Router).

    This ISP imposes a cap on data usage and bandwidth limit on the users.

    However for the sake of customer care they do not impose speed cap/data usage when surfing and downloading from this site:

    Downloading ANY files from the above mentioned site gives an amazing speed of 20 MBPS

    Coming to the point, my question is, "Is there any way to bypass the speed/data limit by masking every download from OTHER sites with the addresses mentioned above, so that the "server" thinks that we are downloading from the customer care website?"

  24. ping is a request to ip address for its presence, like if you ping an ip address then if it reply with same bits of data it means there is no drop in data packets along the line, if it saya request timed out it means no connection is established.

  25. ping is a request to ip address for its presence, like if you ping an ip address then if it reply with same bits of data it means there is no drop in data packets along the line, if it saya request timed out it means no connection is established.


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