Sunday, February 9, 2014

[Movie] Welcome to the Jungle

Welcome to the Jungle is a 2013 comedy film. That is right folks. Its a comedy movie. You probably felt a bit curious because you could have sworn that the poster shows Jean-Claude Van Damme's face. Is he a look alike, maybe? The answer is no.

That is Jean-Claude Van Damme, and that is a real tiger on his right. But this time Van Damme hitting the comedy genre because that is what every other martial artist actors are doing. Right? Right? Like Arnold Schwarzenegger and Sylvester Stallone. They got into The Expendables, Escape Plan, and many others that mixed up with action and comedy. Wait- bodybuilder is martial artist too right? Like Jackie Chan, no? Well, let just assume they are. Lets get back to this movie.

The movie is not highly publicize, I think. I actually never heard about the movie coming out, at all. But then when I was having a chat with my friend about our movie collections, he told me about the new Van Damme movie. He is a fan, while I'm a collector. I was quite surprise that the movie didn't even make a peep about coming out from the cinema in my place, the movie must be Direct-to-DVD. Wait- no, the movie is scheduled to be released in cinemas and for video-on-demand on 7th February 2014. Just 3 days ago and I didn't even realized it was out.

The movie is directed by Rob Meltzer, as you expected, starred by Jean-Claude Van Damme. Other actors in this movie are, Adam Brody and Rob Huebel. Both of them are known for their comedian act. I was actually pretty excited to see the combination of these actors, and honestly, they quite okay. As per usual, Rob Huebel act as Phil the 'asshole' while Adam Brody as Chris the urmm.. wimpy guy. While Van Damme act as -wait for it, the unhinged ex-marine team building coach, Storm Rothchild. He is this shady guy with muscles that offer team building seminar to a bunch of office workers, in a jungle.

The story started with Chris having issues with Phil for stealing his work. His boss didn't believe his complaint due to his lack of charisma, and he is really a wimpy unconvincing guy. However the lack urmm synergy in the firm, his boss decided to hire Storm to held a mandatory 2-days 2-nights teamwork leadership wilderness retreat seminar He is hired probably because the big boss, Mr Crawford (Dennis Haysbert), is a cheap bastard who doesn't care for his workers welfare. Storm came by to their office and gives out a pretty sketchy background where he admits he can do and have participate in many things which sounds a bit plausible (he claim to be a certified teamwork instructor and a military man of many branches).

Although all the workers have their suspicion, this 'certified' instructor is way too muscular to be refuted, making all of their arguments rendered invalid (probably Mr Crawford was counting on this). Hence they all just gives in and keep following him as he go.

By the way, when he said wilderness retreat, he didn't just mean its a jungle. Its a jungle, on an isolated island where they all would be reaching by a cargo plane. That does spells like trouble, now doesn't it? You have no idea.

When they first started the seminar, everything is going on as close as any seminar would be. They have the urm.. teamwork practice (where they were blindfolded and made to walk in pairs with loud wild animal noises soundtrack and also.. explosions all around them) and not to forget, the screaming-to-release-your-stress activity. Eh, that is close enough to be a teamwork leadership seminar.

However things turns awry, when Chris found that their pilot is dead.. while he was peeing. Everyone almost went banana, and Storm tried his best to calm everyone down. He is (if what he claims to be true) after all a military man. Thus making him their next certified pilot. Supposedly. However, not enough with the just the sudden death of their pilot, the seminar participants claims to be sighting a tiger in the jungle. Uh oh, that doesn't sound good. Good thing Van Damme- wait no, its Storm, who is there for the rescue. He suggested that, they all should see the tiger. Because its an island, what are the chances that tiger would end up on an isolated forested island? Well, the pilot is indeed dead all of sudden. That could've happened to anyone. But tiger? Please...

That was about 5 seconds before the tiger mauled Storm and left every panicked even more than when they found the dead pilot. So, what happened next, did Van Damme box with the tiger? Did he win did he died?

Well, I wouldn't want to spoil too much. The movie just released a few days ago and I don't want to ruin the surprise. But I think its fair for me to say, that this is a comedy movie thus there wouldn't be much of fighting or actions. Its entertaining, but don't put your hopes up too high. Its not exactly a blockbuster movie and I don't think the movie is aiming for that too. And also, Van Damme in a comedy film.. Well in Expendable 2 there were gun fighting and explosions, so... Its a good add to the collection.



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