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[TV Series] RM Episode 182

Running Man eps 182: Chinese New Year Special
Ehem, I've decided to write about the recent Running Man tv show because, its too exciting not to write about. Especially on this episode. Its a special episode where a fan from Hong Kong named Irene, wrote to the Running Man production crew for a some ideas on the show game format.

Specially made for Lunar New Year (or commonly known just as Chinese New Year) the show takes the theme of New Year celebration, year of the Horse. Probably her idea was so awesome not be ignored, it was accepted and made reality by the Running Man production crew. Frankly speaking, I was quite happy to see this episode. Probably because it includes tag-ripping game in a new format. This time, its in a form of the Korean chess board game, Janggi.

But that is not all, before we get to the tag ripping, Irene have also planned for preliminary games as an allowance for the Running Man to find and choose their place (they can swap positions if they win the preliminary games). In other word, in this episode, the games would require strategy, wits, and strength as well, hence promoting teamwork. The guests in this episode is Min Do-hee, Yim Si-wan, and Yeo Jin-goo.

Jae-suk hyung have been dethroned!
The show started as usual, with lots of comedy in order to ease in the atmosphere for the guests entrance. They joke around, we all laughed, there are 2 new guests who are Jin-goo and Do-hee. Si-wan is on his second time coming for the Running Man.

In case you didn't realize, at the beginning of the show, their number and formation is balanced. There are ten all of them including the 3 guests. And if you divide them by 2 group, each of them would have 1 female each. To make things even interesting, the new guest Jin-goo have the same muscular body build as Jong-kook hyung. While Si-wan have agility that rivaled Kwang-soo, probably. But he is fast though.

They first take their chess piece randomly, and proceeded to choose their own pair without knowing the other member's chess piece. In other word, their pair might be their enemies, but it wouldn't matter because if they won the preliminary games, they will get the chance to swap their piece. The idea is to swap to put their enemy at disadvantage, or form up their own team strength based on their partner ability.

Just for fun, we gonna make you
wear the 2 -person horse costume too.
The first game is the Horse Race. The track is actually acupressure mat (plate) where you usually walk, no running, on it to stimulate your body organs for various responses. Its.. very painful to walk on. And on this race, they would need to run as they will be timed. The fastest team will win.

Oh, did you guys notice there are hurdles on the track? That can only mean one thing, they also need to jump. That is going to be painful. Anyway, because the race is decided on the fastest run, Haha and Jin-goo uses the strategy to run over on everything and offset the penalty on hitting the hurdles by reducing the time of their run, making them the winner for this game. They got the chance to see other player's chess piece and swap the chess pieces.

Prepare to get splashed soaking wet!
The second preliminary game is called the Running Land, like a funland waterpark. Except this time, its going to be fun and painful as well. You know what they say, no pain no gain.

The pairing is changed again, and only the previous winners would know the current state of the chess piece's position. The rule is to play the game only once for each. And each of the game would require the pair to get the most distance. There is game where the pairs would need to throw a ball into the furthest basket while being catapult over into the water. And there is a game where the pairs need to jump from a different height (the higher the better), and also the blob jump, where one the partner from the pair needs to propel his or her partner high into the air (the higher the better) by jumping on the blob while the other will stay at the end of blob.

There were 3 winners for this game where they got over 30 meters but, because they each finished at a different time (almost simultaneously) thus they got 3 different places for the winners. The first place is Jae-suk hyung and Jin-goo, the second place is Suk-jin hyung and Kwang-soo, while the third place is Jong-kook hyung and Si-wan. The first place gets to see the chess pieces, and swap 2 of it, while the second and third place gets to see the chess pieces but only swap one the piece.

Finally we get to the last game and the real battle. Its time they face each other and ripping name tags. The position have been altered throughout the first 2 games. And the team would be Red Team and Green Team. Although the chess pieces is similar to Korean chess game, Janggi, Irene have added a few extra rules of her own to make the game interesting.

Based on the chess piece position, the lower level chess piece cannot take out the higher level chess piece. Only the same level or lower ranked chess piece. The lower the chess piece ranked, the less it can take out. If a lower chess piece tries to take out the higher chess piece, the tag ripping would be deemed ineffective, and 3 second time pause will incur, where they can restart fighting again (of course the lower ranking chess piece would need to get the hell out of that place).

There is however a special rule, where the soldier chess piece can take out the general chess piece. If the general chess piece is taken out, even when the other chess pieces still active, the group will be lost. So the idea here is either take out the general as soon as possible, or go for attrition strategy of reducing the opposing team's chess piece.

This game is literally one of the most exciting I've ever seen. It really puts all of the Running Man all to their limit. Almost at the start the game, both team realize they won't win alone, so the first primary objective would be to regroup first (they are randomly deployed throughout the building). Those who failed immediately got overpowered and taken out, like Si-wan (he unluckily met the almost all of the opposing team members early at the start of the game) and Haha (unluckily met with Jin-goo the general).

However, thanks to Gary's soldier rank chess piece, he figured that the only way to win is find his general and any high ranking chess piece and work together. The general obviously won't be able to win all by himself, and there is also possibility that Jong-kook hyung would be the opposing team's general which would make him invulnerable against other chess pieces and being a strong individual himself. Fearing that his general Jin-goo might not able to overpower the opposing team's general, he quickly team up with his general, Jin-goo, and enlist help from Do-hee the chariot.

Together, they take out Kwang-soo the cannon from the opposing team while he was wandering around playing drama. When they head out to look for the remaining opposing team members, turns out Jong-kook hyung is not the general, instead he is the soldier. Which makes him highly dangerous to General Yeo (Jin-goo). Jong-kook the soldier team up with Ji-hyo the general and was aiming to use brute force to defeat their enemies, where Jong-kook would immobilize any chess pieces of any rank, while Ji-hyo go for kill because she take out any kind of chess piece.

But General Yeo and his subjects has different planning. Gary the soldier told his general that if Jong-kook hyung is indeed the soldier, then there is no necessity to take him out. The target is the enemy's general, Ji-hyo, take her out and the opposing team will definitely lose. But how to deal with Jong-kook the soldier, even if he is lowly ranked, he still physically strong. So Gary comes up with the idea that Do-hee the chariot should go for Jong-kook the soldier, because Jong-kook can't take her out because of the rank. Also, Jong-kook hyung the soldier, like any strong muscled man, weak against beautiful lady. While General Yeo baits out Ji-hyo the general out from Soldier Jong-kook's protection, allowing Soldier Gary to deal the final blow against the enemy's general.

In the end, their plan was successful and the Red Team emerged victorious. All thanks to Soldier Gary image's training(?) and their teamwork effort, Soldier Gary took out Ji-hyo the general while Chariot Do-hee pins down Soldier Jong-kook and General Yeo held on Ji-hyo the general.

Wah.. that was really exciting. I hope there would be more games like this. Thank you Irene-sshi.



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