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[TV Series] RM Episode 184

 I'll just skip on episode 183 and went straight to episode 184. Regretfully, I did watched the whole show on episode 183, should have known it would be like that after seeing Ji-hyo cried during the final game in Chinese New Year Special episode. Sigh..

Its not that it was totally boring, but well, yeah, its actually pretty painful to watch. I'll just summarize what happened in episode 183 real quick and we'll move on toward episode 184. On episode 183, the theme is about the New Year fortune telling (Tojong Bigyeol), an old form of fortune telling from the Joseon Dynasty. The fortune telling is based on one's birth date. The guests were Moon So-ri, Uhm Jung-hwa and Jo Min-su. The race(?) was to find the Partner of Fate. As you can guess it, of course Monday Couple resurfaced in that episode. Sigh.. at the end, Bam! Everyone wins and get a golden ring each. Yeay, next!

On episode 184, the theme is the promotion of the Sochi 2014 Winter Olympics to provide support for the athletes that would be going there. Ah.. from the theme there you can see its going to be quite an interesting games to be included in this show this time. There also quite a lot of guest this time, about 5 of them. The guests were Baro, Kang Ye-won, Park Seo-joon, Seo In-guk, and Son Ho-joon.

The teams were quickly decided during the introduction. There are 2 team, one is the Running Man team that will go against the All Star team that is led by Coach Kookie. The All Star team would comprise of the 5 guests with Jong-kook hyung while Running Man team comprise of the remaining Running Man's member. There would be 3 games and 2 resting periods in between. The game format is based on reward and punishment, where the winner gets to rest while the loser needs to do some chores. The games would be some sort of training for athletes that readying themselves for the Olympics. Really? Well, I'm not exactly sure.

Training of Speed
The first game is on an ice rink, what is the most appropriate training on this kind of field other than skating. So the first game is the training of speed. The teams will be competing on relay skating race, where speed will decide the outcome.

The All Star team boasted strong energetic youngsters (and Jong-kook) while the Running Man team have the Easy Brothers. Ha ha, not really. Running Man team have two aces with them actually even without Jong-kook. Its Haha and Gary, the aces and winners of the Running Man Best of the Best Match. Kwang-soo is also not far behind in term of agility.

We're ready!! Wait.. what do you mean by that?
Almost there... wait!
Words cannot describe the hilarity that ensues.
As promised, the winner gets to rest while the loser will do the chores. And for this round, the chores would be cooking the meal, and winner gets to choose the what dishes should be prepared.

He is unleashing his wrath towards the garlic.
Jong-kook was teased badly for this.
In case you doesn't know, Jong-kook hates ramen so,
what do you think the winning team ask for the dishes?
The next game is the Training of Concentration. They were required to build a 6-storey tall rock tower. To do that, they need to get into the cold water to find suitable stones and stack them together on the table that have been prepared. Oh, did I mention bare-footed. Yup, without shoes. For this game, the loser will be punished to do the laundry outdoor using cold water.

For encouragement, we shall tell you... the loser shall get colder than this.
Wait.. what happened if the rock tower fell?
The key here is to find a big stable rock as a base, and stack it upward. If the rock tower fell down, then the person at time can rearrange it back. While still in the cold water of course. The is nothing to say about this game though because it was full of screams in cold and pain. But Jae-suk still manage to crack a few jokes, where he said there is no stone to get it stacked (its so cold he lost his focus), and his team member screams back at him saying, "You on a river bed, what do mean there is no stones??"

In the end, the game was won by the All Star team. Probably because they have been warming up during the resting period by preparing the meals. And Jong-kook probably heated by his own anger for Jae-suk and fueled by the very ramen that Jae-suk hyung put into the meal they just had. Ha ha

So the Running Man team was punished to do the laundry, outdoor, by hand.

It was sooo cold.. you can only laugh in pain.
And of course they didn't do Jong-kook's laundry.
On the next game is urm.. some of centipede race, where you move forward by putting your legs ahead while moving your hands as well so you team member behind would move along with you. In other word, this is the Teamwork Training. 

Sounds easy enough.
It is easy, except, its also painful!
For the Running Man team, the didn't even move forward
Suk-jin hyung is appealing toward Coach Kookie to change the game a bit.
He asked  that only a 2 pairs would race in relays. So that he would be exempted.
Because he is too tired from doing the laundry.
Then again, All Star team members doesn't have
Jong-kook hyung stamina either.
When it comes to running, Jae-suk hyung and Kwang-soo cannot lose.
They'll run even if they have to use their hands as well.
In the end, the game was won by the Running Man team. Because they have light and agile member like Haha, Gary, Kwang-soo, and Jae-suk hyung, they easily outrun the All Star team. Even though the All Star team have fast runner member, the game was not a normal run and also this kind training is usually practiced on football grass field. Not on snowfield.

So for this game, the All Star team lose and did the chores. The chores was chopping wood blocks. 

Which Jong-kook seems to enjoy.
Finally, after all that hellish training game, its time to get to the real battle. The real game. The final game is called Ripping Name-Tags on Ice. It may not sound much, but its fascinating and exhilarating. The concept is like hockey, but instead of hitting the puck, their are ripping name-tags. They can't just ripped anyone's name-tag. They have to rip their opponents number, and by that order as well. There can be only 4 player at the time, so when one player is out, the player in reserve will take the out player's place. The score is kept by the number of tags that the team had ripped.  

Its time to combine everything that we've trained before.
Speed, focus, and teamwork!!
Because they can only rip the tags on numerical order,
their real target is only one person at a time.
It was chaotic!
Luckily, Suk-jin hyung weak presence cause the All Star team
to forget about him.
In the end, the Running Man team won the final game. The game changer was when the All Star team forgot to take out Suk-jin hyung, causing him to stay around while the Running Man team was taking out All Star team one-by-one, making Running Man team numbers to remain the same as All Star team is diminishing.

For winning, the Running Man team got themselves a golden Taegeuk badge for each member. And also, they would be sent to Sochi to compete in Olympics. Really? 
Nope, not really. Because the Olympics Comittee didn't approve the game of Ripping Name-Tags on Ice.


Well that was fun. I hope for more episode like this. 


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