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[Movie] Dredd

Dredd is a science-fiction action 2012 film. Its actually Judge Dredd movie, but they just put Dredd because it would be awesome that way. This movie is sequel (prequel?) to the 1995 Judge Dredd movie starred by Sylvester Stallone. I think the timeline for this movie would be backward, because the 1995 movie had flying vehicles, but this one does not. Probably the timeline is during the early times of Dredd's law enforcement career.

In case you are not familiar with the Judge Dredd story, the plot takes to the post-apocalyptic world. Where the nuclear war have long past and humanity clumped and survive together in whatever places that is not irradiated by nuclear radiation. Since there are only a few places suitable for living, hence one of the human surviving city came into being, Mega City One. One big dystopic megalopolis. From Boston to Washington D.C, over 800 millions inhabitant.

With such enormous population, to accommodate them would require mega blocks, mega highway, pretty much mega everything. One of this mega block could housed about 75,000 people. That is the size of a small city population, crammed together into one mega apartment block. Well, what can you do when the rest of the world is called Cursed Earth, because some idiots thought that it would be so funny to let the nukes flying.
Everything is mega except the humanity's heart.

Judgement time.
With the size of that population, bureaucracy and civil system would be a nightmare. Wait no, it would a raging pain in the ass nightmare. Crime rate rises up exponentially, scarce of food make people a little bit rebellious, that sort of thing. So what to do to keep some order in the Mega City One? The Judge.

But this won't be a normal, fat-bellied, wig-wearing judge that we know. This judge takes the justice with them, literally, to the streets. Holding with them, the power of juries, executioners, and judges, allowing this new world judges to cut down some paperwork by immediately giving out their verdict, using their guns.

I.. can sense someone, stuck up in the arse.. I think..
Judge Dredd (Karl Urban) is one those Judges, trained to uphold the law with strong conviction, unrelenting resolves, a custom-made DNA-imprinted multi-purpose handgun named, Lawgiver. Usable only to the judges by their genetic imprint, the weapon is a formidable one. But in this story, Judge Dredd is partnered with a new recruit, Anderson (Olivia Thrilby). Anderson is a unique recruit where she is a urmm.. mutant. In the new pos-apocalyptic world of Mega City One, mutant is frowned upon. Considered as humanity outcast and by product of the desolated Cursed Earth. How unique is recruit Anderson? For one she have a complete set of limbs just like any other human. The only difference is her psychic ability, where she could read other people mind, which could be a great asset cause that would save a lot of blood spilling , bloody interrogations, and of course paperwork.

Judge Dredd first impression on her is not good. For him as a strict law officer, its either pass or fail, and Anderson's grade of almost pass is nothing to be considered about. She failed, enough said. But the Chief Judge have something else in mind. Anderson mind probe ability is too much of an asset to be let go. So its up to Judge Dredd to evaluate her performance one last time, on the field.

The judges building, called the Justice Department, is one huge building that facilitate everything that the judges need. Barracks, training center, command center, and everything. The Justice Department respond to any call for help usually directed to police officers in the past, but here in the future, the judge will answer. With guns mostly.

There also flying drones flying all over the city, watching and scanning the citizens of Mega City One. And Judges will respond to any crime committed nearest to them. Good thing the judges are equipped with a badass superbike, complete with GPS tracker and direct communication to Justice Department command center. Also guns.

The law in Mega City One is so strict, loitering around can also get you penalized. Even vagrancy will get you a confinement into the iso-cube. Wow, how exactly does one escape poverty? You can't escape from that. But its the law you guys, either you get a job or iso-cubes for you. Preferably one that doesn't irritate the judges that he may pulled the trigger on you.

Judge Dredd and rookie Anderson starts their first on-field duty together in one of the mega blocks called the Peach Tree. Due to insane bat-shit crazy amount of crimes committed, 17,000 case per day, the judges can only respond only to 6% of them. So if they even if they took one mega block, there would be enough crime committed there, they would be spending their whole day in that place.

And they kind of did. Turns out Peach Tree have a serious case of drug trafficking, the new drug called the Slo-Mo. Its the future drug that makes the brain to feel like the time pass a 1% of the normal speed. Doesn't actually enhance body responses even though everything seems to be moving much more slower. But it was in way, beautifully violence.

This is how it looks with Slo-Mo.
This is the reality.
Judge Dredd busted one of the narcotic den, and found one of the drug trafficker is connected to a murder that is connected with gang wars. There see, its all connected. Oh, how the judges are going to have a field trip.

With just simple bust, the whole organisation would be brought down and crushed. This not your normal officer of the law. This is the judge that can pass judgement just right on the side road, at any time any day. The Peach Tree is controlled by the Ma-Ma Clan. And since Judge Dredd is already here, he might as dismantled everything and cut the paperwork from half to none.

And of course they wouldn't surrender.
Your typical gangsters, yes?
Except in the future, they got themselves some nice gatling guns.
Yes, I know this movie is from 2 years ago. By now, everyone would have watched it either from the cinema or DVD. I watched it in the cinema though, with my fiancee. It was so bloody, she had her eyes closed 3/4 of the time. I wouldn't say the movie is a must watch, but if you enjoy Judge Dredd story, then yes, it's a must watch. This one took only one part of Judge Dredd story, but if you follow its comic strip from 2000 AD comic, there is a lot more of interesting stories. Like the coming of the Dark Judges (Judge Death) and also at one point, Judge Dredd come across to Gotham City and met Batman. So, yeah. I hope there would be another sequel for this movie.

I cannot believe I made so much grammar mistakes in this one. I know typo happens, but I must be pretty high when I wrote this.. heh


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