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[TV Series] RM Episode 186

Episode 186 would be a new race. A race that all the Running Man's fan can aspire to. This time, they would be racing and compete to be the Seoul's Face. As in the representative of the South Korean culture.

I don't know whether the race is actually redundant or not, considering that being the Seoul's Face would pretty much like being the Hallyu (Korean Wave) star. Aren't they all already Hallyu stars, no? Of course they are. Anyway, for this episode, the guests are Shim Eun-kyung and the CNBlue rock band (Jung Yong-hwa, Kang Min-hyuk, Lee Jong-hyun, Lee Jung-shin). Yong-hwa seems really loves to come down and play with the Running Man. This would be like, his tenth appearance.

And of course as usual, they start the show with theatricality, to promote the spirit of the variety show. Each of the band (team?) sings a song, karaoke song of course, the didn't exactly played the music instrument, and start breaking the ice to to know with guest. Except for Yong-hwa. I really love it when Yong-hwa comes over the Running Man show, he can be quite fun. 
Other than dancing, Jae-suk hyung also loves singing karaoke.
Kwang-ja (Kwang-soo) and Jong-sookie (Jong-kook) make another appearance in Running Man.
They would be in the same team as Eun-kyung.

CNBlue would be in their own team consisting of their band members.
Seems like they're already been grouped together in teams, its time to move on with the race. They are being labeled symbolically to the Korean colors. Jae-suk hyung's team would take the Ginko (yellow) color of Seoul's Autumn Walk, while Eun-kyung team would take the red color of Gyeongbokgung palace, and CNBlue team takes the color of blue representing the Seoul's autumn lush and blue sky.   

The first race is to introduce the South Korean representative cuisine.
On each stop they will pick a card after eating the food.
If they got the success card, they will win and move on to another race.
If its fail, they need to move to the next stop and keep eating.
Wait- would it be... 
Bindaetteok (Mung Bean Pancake) is the first representative cuisine.
Wah.. so delicious. Wait.. would it be..
Better to actually fail the race?
The next representative cuisine is the 'drugged' kimbap.
No, its not that like it was mixed with drugs but..
It like American's hot-pocket. Bite-sized food and easy to prepare.
Very delicious...
Along with kimbap would be the boiled fish cakes..
Ah.. my mouth is watering..
Now I'm pretty sure that it is better to lose the race.
Seems like the more you get the fail card, the more you can eat!
Finally, bibimbap (mixed rice)!
There actually more stops to go, but this is as far as the racing teams go.
Well, not every team got to the third stop.
Kwang-jo got the success card on the second stop.
Eun-kyung is complaining that she is still starving.
Haha, she is so cute.
Yellow team got the success card at the bibimbap stop.
They too feel unsatisfied.
Especially when the PD told them that the stops are unlimited.
Wah.. it would be a buffet of delicious South Korean food.
Would be.. 
Kwang-ja tries to comfort starving Eun-kyung.
She(he?) reveal her(his?) beauty secret.
Well, technically the winner is Red team, and the loser of the race would be Blue team because the finished last. But, because Blue team get to eat to their heart content, so the winning was a bit bitter to the Red team.

The next game is taking picture at Namsan Seoul Tower, a landmark in South Korean. They need to gather some passerby, civilians, or fans to join them for the session. And of course there are certain mission that need to be performed. They need to jump mid-air while the picture is taken, play Cham-Cham game, and fit all faces in the picture.

Red team got the Cham-Cham Game mission
Kwang-ja made a mistake, but she(he?) blame the lady beside her(him?)
But Jong-sookie is very thorough, so she(he?) check the picture closely.
Why.. you!
Even Eun-kyung is mad at her(him?).
How could she(he?) blame that poor lady.
She is just an invited guest to join the photo shooting.
In the end, the game was won by the Yellow team because they got the easiest mission. They only need to fit all the faces of the photo shooting voluntary participants. While Blue team finishes last because they need to do the jumping mission. Pretty hard when you need to invite 15 other people and have them synchronized.

The next game is some sort of urm.. like 'Running Spelling Bee'. Where the teams are required to run or race along the Hangeul Gaon Street and find the hidden consonants and vowels to spell the word 'Hunminjeongeum' (its the name of their dictionary, also called Hangul, Korean alphabet). The started as immediately as all they arrived at the place.

The race is quite intense. Who knows how much vowels and consonants there is.
Just take everything they can get
Wah.. they don't even go easy on the girl!
Eun-kyung and Kwang-ja looks cute together.
Kwang-ja accompanies her the whole time.
Blue team managed to win the race.
Actually all they need to do is wait there for the vowels and consonant.
Because you can just snatch other teams finding.
Jae-suk: Eun-kyung, you said you wanted to run.
Eun-kyung: I did run, you can see it in the broadcast later.
I even rolled on the ground.
I need to warm first, I didn't think we would run abruptly..
(its because of the eating session at the beginning)
The cruel truth...
The Running Spelling Bee is won by the Blue team, so they move on to the next race at the Shilla Duty Free shop. The next race would be finding the game. Where the teams would need to find boxes with R label, and inside there is the name of the game. The first team that found the box get to choose the first game, and the winner will choose the next game. They will bet using the medal they got from previous race, where they were awarded based on the ranking. 10 medals for first and 5 medals for the second place.

There 3 rounds of game to be played. Out of 3 games that is played, only one is very hilarious and interesting. The Titanic game.

Choose this even though they doesn't know what game it is.
The game involve a bowl floating in a water tank.
The idea is to put in glass bead and the team that cause the bowl to sink..
Will lose.
Eun-kyung is concerned about Kwang-ja
Kwang-ja for some reason felt touched by Eun-kyung's concern. 
Yellow team lost badly.
Turns out that all of those hard races lead to this..
The medals are used to place a colored space on this roulette.
Wait, what happened to the Yellow team?
Ah.. of course they bet all in.. and end up losing everything.
Without any medals, they can't participate in the roulette game.
Finally, the Seoul's Face is CNBlue.
This is Eun-kyung first time... She thought there would be scripts.
Well, this is what variety show really are, lots of improvisation.
Good thing she had fun!
Because I did!
Truth to be told, I like her. She is like this cool-bean guest, who doesn't mind running around and join in with the others. There were a lot of her conservation with Kwang-soo that was hilarious, and she makes a lot of witty remarks. I do hope she would come back again or join in as permanent member.



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