Friday, February 13, 2015

[Movie] 'A Merry Friggin Christmas' to everyone

This movie was released on November 2014, three months after Robin William's passing. The movie was also starred by Joel McHale, Lauren Graham, Clark Duke, Oliver Platt, Wndi McLendon-Covey, Time Heidecker and Candice Bergen. The movie is categorized as black comedy film, which you should've guessed it from the title, its about Christmas in a humorous cynical perspective.

There is much to say about this movie other than its a good family fun entertainment. Though, you might not want to let your child that still believe in Santa Claus to watch it. The movie is a little bit dry, personally I felt like its only watchable because Robin William was in it.

The plot was about the prodigal son, Joel McHale as Boyd Mitchler, that was disappointed with his own upbringing and blame his father for ruining his childhood. The father, Robin Williams as Mitch Mitchler, however was a stubborn old man. He loves his son, but he doesn't want to sprinkle false hope with rainbows all over his son. So he raised him to be skeptical so that he will always ready for the harshness of reality.

One of the most 'devastating' thing that Mitch ever done to poor little Boyd was bursting his bubble about the fact that Santa Claus doesn't exist. As Boyd grew, he became resentful to his father for not.. urrmm.. cuddle him enough, something like that. And Mitch was just to stubborn to admit that he did being a little bit to harsh to his own son.

So the whole story revolves around about the day before Christmas where Boyd had never return back home to celebrate Christmas with his parent. But on that particular day, his brother, Clark Duke as Nelson Mitchler, invited Boyd back home for his newborn baby baptism. Nelson's wife ran away with someone else left him with a baby, so Boyd figured that his brother might need some emotional support. And confront his father while he's at it.

The story have happy ending of course. After the whole night of arguments, bantering, and all that heart-wrenching reunion between father and son at odd, finally they put aside their differences for the sake of their children. Boyd had a son, Pierce Gagnon as Douglas, whom still believe in Christmas's miracle. At any rate, Mitch and Boyd realized that its not about both of them anymore. They may have different views on Christmas, but whatever issues they have is history, and what matter is their son/grandson. So both of them set out to makes things right, so that Douglas would still have his Christmas.

The movie got a bad receptions when it came out. But then again, its not exactly a blockbuster movie. Its a good family entertaining movie, and it worth watching just for the sheer joy of going to the cinema. I mean, its not boring. And, it have Robin Williams. I will never grow tired of watching his movie. Too bad, we'll never get to see him again.


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