Monday, February 9, 2015

Sad New Year for me

People said, a picture worth a thousand meaning. I choose this picture specifically because the character in this picture, in a way, reflect my own personality. He is a man who try his best to fit with his surrounding, only to end up failing terribly at the end. But he doesn't give up, because there is more to life than just jump into the bandwagon and follow the crowd. My teacher once said, bird of the same feathers flock together. And I ain't no bird.

This year have been crazy. Its only February, yet good and bad news keep on coming knocking on my front door. Last year I've been breaking my back trying to stand up on my own feet. I suppose, its only a matter of time before my work comes to fruition, if ever. But I will not give up. I was planning to buy a house, but turns out that place where I want to buy the house, will become a bad memory for me.

It all began with this blog. Originally, I made this blog just for fun. A personal use where I just write and test the limit of my creativity. From using simple template provided by Blogger, I manage to turn it into almost, if not half a functioning website. I thought of purchasing and using my own domain name and drop the blogspot name. But then again, might as well wait till I get the time and resources for a fully functioning website hosting.

Once, the was just me. Then, at a weird time in a weird place, I met those who share the same interest as I do. Then, there were three of us. All of us have our own space where we expand our imagination and passion. Here is where we put in what we thought, so that no matter how far our physical location are, we will all anchored in one place where our ideals met. The Infinity Zone. In a way, its like a bar. And it spelled wrong, InfinitityZone.

I recently found out the woman that I once love, got married. Everybody knew except for me. I was shocked, surprised, and probably upset too, when I heard the news. But the truth is, we have been growing apart. I knew her so well, I wasn't so impressed when she told me she would wait for me before this. She never wait for anybody.

So somehow, I was glad that she met somebody and become happy. I don't know, I'm just assuming. But for both of us, we will never be together. And the reason for that, is because of nachos. I loves nachos, but she hates it. I don't know whether its because of the tortilla chips, or the melted cheese, or the jalapeno pepper that she hates. But I think its because the fact that I loves nachos, probably more than her.

There was one time, I was hiding some nachos inside my jacket. I wrapped the nachos in my jacket and put it by the chair's arm, and totally forgot about it. When I was about to go out, she picks up the jacket for me, and found the nachos wrapped inside my jacket. She was surprised and got so upset, she threw my nachos onto the ground, and scream at my face. She scream at my face, all night long.

And that night, a single tear rolled down on my cheek from my left eye. Seeing those crispy tortilla chips scattered, the melted cheese and jalapeno peppers splattered, smeared all over the pavement, just make a man wants to cry in pain. What wrong did those nachos ever done to anyone?

Oh, my nachos.. my innocent nachos. I miss them still, until to this day.


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