Wednesday, March 11, 2015

[Games] Happy that 'Tera Online' is still around

Another clone of World of Warcraft, some might say. But actually, this game is nothing like World of Warcraft, at all. And its stupid to actually compare between the two, because both games are radically different in term of graphics, gameplay, content, and everything, with the exception that both are MMORPG. But that's about it. So if you like World of Warcraft, this game may not for you.

I don't know. I did played World of Warcraft, loved it, but then I tried Tera Online and never look back. The truth is, World of Warcraft have a large fan base. And its not based on World of Warcraft per se, but more of the entirety of Warcraft franchise. So those who still played WoW, may or may not actually a fan of Warcraft lore, and that is one of the reason why some of us are still clinging to an online game over a decade old.

Anyway, we are not talking about World of Warcraft now. Recently, Tera Online released a new expansion called Fate of Arun. Not as old as World of Warcraft, Tera Online was first released on 2011 in South Korea, and reached North America on 2012. Ever since then, Tera Online was considered as one of the close competitors to World of Warcraft. Like lots of other MMORPG. For example like.. City of Heroes.. and Warhammer Online: Age of Reckoning.. that urmm.. went under.

But Tera Online have not gone under yet. Story has it that they may have come close to that, but with a little bit of quick thinking and some extra grease elbow, they managed to get back on top. Specifically, the game goes from Pay-to-Play (P2P) to Freemium Free-to-Play (F2P). Its quite a huge decision to change into that kind of model, you know. Because F2P attracts a lot of gold farmers. And I mean, a lot. Even World of Warcraft barely escaped from this menace.

No monsters are harmed in this picture.

I played this game since 2012, when the game started to change into freemium. To those who doesn't what freemium is, its where you get to play the game for free but you can also subscribe the game for extra content. Luckily, its not Pay-to-Win (P2W). At least not to my knowledge. For the version of Tera Online that I played.

Tera Online is localized in several region, which are in Japan, Korea, Europe and North America. The version that I played is NA (North America) Tera Online. Originally, player have to purchase something called Chronoscroll to play the game for a certain duration of time. But then, it changed. Which to me was super great. Because Tera Online is known for its fancy sexy costumes, weapon skins, and mounts.

The game itself is enjoyable. Packed with action, I'm not exaggerating if I am to say that this game are both graphically demanding and ravenous with bandwidth as its require slighter higher than a stable internet connection. Lag spike, high ping, and abruptly disconnected problems riddled this game. But if you do get a stable connection, you will not regret ever trying this game.

I want to write more about the new expansion, Fate of Arun, but apparently for the NA version, the patch wasn't exactly completely patched in. I'm not really sure, because they put in things bit by bit, but the core of the expansion had already been patched in. New dungeons, new continent, new faction, new enchant system, floating castle for guilds, and many more.

I hope this game will stays around longer, because for some reason this game reminds me of Warhammer Online: Age of Reckoning. Remember that game? It also boasted action packed large scale battle, and beautiful graphic, but it went under because the developer failed to tackle the issue of class balancing, and also, they removed the large scale battle scene because their servers couldn't cater the massive bandwidth needed.

Right now, Tera Online are dangerously tip-toeing with class balancing and server maintenance.


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