Saturday, August 22, 2015

[Movie] 'The Man with the Iron Fist 2' or without?

A direct sequel for 'The Man with the Iron Fist', RZA is back for more iron fisting. Ok, that totally came out wrong. Anyway, continuing his journey from the Jungle village, the man was making his way to Wu Chi Temple when he got jumped by assassins and almost died. Damn, can't a brother travel peacefully with his iron fists without getting jumped by assassins?

Personally, I love the first film. So I'm kinda disappointed with the sequel film here. The film is understandably low budget and was released direct-to-video. But, why does it have to be.. hmm, so bad? Amateurishly bad. Honestly I couldn't even put my fingers on what actually made this film so bad.

Plot-wise, very confusing. Thaddeus (RZA) was travelling, and got attacked because everyone wants his number two headband, ah wait, that's from a different film. Anyway, Thaddeus got jumped by a group of assassins because Lion clan from Jungle village still butthurt with Thaddeus sheer awesomeness.

Kung-fu fight ensues, and Thaddeus got badly wounded and fell into the river unconscious, and drifted all the way to the Tsai Fu village.  And began a new adventure for Thaddeus. Or something like that. Supposedly, it should have been Thaddeus's adventure. But weirdly enough, the man with the iron fist is not really in the spotlight here.

Now here is the part where the star appeared to change to someone else. There are troubles brewing in Tsai Fu village. Actually, it's already in trouble. The villagers are being oppressed by the Black Beetle clan, and to make it worse, there is a serial killer killing young ladies on the loose. So tension was high, and the highlight was shifted to Li Kung (Dustin Nguyen), a kung-fu master of Tsai Fu village. Li Kung tried to appeal to the man with the iron fists, to help the villagers and arm them to fight the dung beetle thugs, but Thaddeus is on the path to Buddhism. So making weapons for killing, even for the right reason, is no bueno.

From there onward, the man with the iron fists seems to be sidelined. Thaddeus did however help the villagers to improve their mining equipment and because of Thaddeus badassery, those equipment can also be used as weapons where the pickaxes can sprout extra blades in case of urrmm.. cave bear attack? I don't know what changed his mind about the urmm.. Buddha path, but maybe Li Kung managed to convince Thaddeus to help them by raising an argument of what would Buddha do in this shitty situation right here

And so, the Tsai Fu villagers rose up against their oppressor to reinstate freedom and democracy. The story telling was quite weak. I didn't even get a solid reason why the villagers didn't revolted in the first place. Not only the Black Beetle thugs were treating them like shit, but also they murdered the villagers on daily basis, and on top of that, there was a serial killer killing pretty young ladies on the loose too. So they were dying like crazy either way. Did I also mentioned that Li Kung is a kung-fu master?

Another thing, during the big fight near the end of the movie, the womenfolk suddenly took out arrows with dynamites tied to it and shoot them bomb arrows all over the place. You telling me, my man Thaddeus toiling day and night making those pointed stick, all for nothing? What is even the point of  spinning windmill kung-fu and iron fists? I don't even understand what were happening in the movie.

But that's ok, at least we get to watch Thaddeus ripping shit up with his iron fists. Honestly. they should just make a cartoon, Afro Samurai style. At least with cartoon, you can outlaw common sense. Good thing the movie is just $2.99 on Amazon Instant Video. So, I not entirely completely disappointed.


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