Tuesday, April 26, 2016

[Movie] What's with the 'Fantastic 4' reboot?

When the trailer came out, everyone was excited. We all enjoyed the previous Fantastic 4 movies. But then when this new movie was announced, it was revealed that its a reboot. There would be different casts, different story line, and probably more awesome than the previous franchise. So how did it go?

Well, it turns out that a lot have been changed. Even the origin story seems to be changed. Yes, the origin of the Fantastic 4. They suppose to gain their powers when exposed to a cosmic ray during an expedition in space. But in this film, they got it from another dimension. Or another planet. I don't know.

Let's get creepy.
But wouldn't that means that, technically, the new origin story is not far off from the original, you ask? Perhaps. But the story began when Reed Richards was still a kid. He created some sort of teleportation device, but he have no idea where the stuff are teleported to. And he built it in his garage. Well, his dad's garage.

He grew up trying to perfect this teleportation technology, but everyone treats him like a garbage, because that's how we all treat geeks and nerds. Later on, when Reed grew up some pubic hairs, he was approached by Professor Franklin Storm, to join his team and built something that he called, the Quantum Gate.

The team also involves two of the professor's children, Johnny and Sue Storm, and also, Victor von Doom. They worked together, managed to finish the Quantum Gate, but not selected to be part of the expedition team. Well, isn't that a bummer?

Guess what they did? Of course they went into the experimental teleportation device quietly, without authorization. Because that's what all curious nerds do. Stick their fingers into things that they don't understand.

Their logic was that, because the machine have been proven to be working perfectly fine, they can just go there for a minute and then come back before anyone knew about it. They knew it works, because, they tested it with a monkey beforehand.

Guys, let's go touch that glowing green stuff. It'll only be for a minute.
So they did, and not to forget his best friend in the whole world, Reed also call in Ben Grimm to join them in their little mischievous extra-dimensional extraterrestrial adventures. Because that is what people do when they are going for a suicidal ride. They call up their friends to join in.

Good thing that it happened in the world of science fiction, so nobody died. Everyone got superpowers instead. But to add some saucy twist in the plot, the military use these juiced-up superpowered survivors from the suicidal adventure, for military purposes. Of course the military would do that, they love them human weapons.

Except they forgot someone. Victor von Doom. Victor was left on the extra-dimensional extraterrestrial world, for a year. With no effort of trying to get him back home. And then, when they open the gate again, not to search for Victor, but to harness this new 'superpower green steroids' to make even more human weapons, they found Victor instead.

And Victor was not happy.

To be honest, the movie was rather dull. Full of cliche, and the plot line was so forceful, you just have to accept how things are meant to happen in this movie. Is there any point at all, for making this reboot complete with childhood backstory?


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