Thursday, May 19, 2016

[Movie] When chef got 'Burnt'

This movie first caught my attention with its amazing soundtrack from its trailer. 'Fire' by Barns Courtney. It was an amazing music, and in a way, it puts a very nice rugged and adventurous vibe to the movie. Which what I actually expected from the movie.

The movie, as portrayed in the trailer, was about chefs and fine dining experiences. Fun trivia, its was said that the movie inspired by Marco Pierre White, Clare Smyth, Marcus Wareing, and Gordon Ramsay. All world renowned chef.

In this movie, the star was Adam Jones (Bradley Cooper). He had a bump in his life. Just like everyone else. He used to work in a fancy restaurant, got to the peak of his career and life, and it all went bust because he got started to do drugs. Well, who saw that one coming? Haha

As fucked as that time when I was on crack.
 By the time he realized his uber mistakes, it was too late. He went on his own way, a self-imposed exile, to redeem himself. Also to get off from crack. Not really sure that oyster would help him with that problem though, but he consigned himself to shucking one million oysters. And then, he's back.

After he's done shucking one million oysters, of course. His first order of business, was to look for his best friend in the world, Tony Balerdi (Daniel Bruhl), a former maitre d'hotel from where Adam used to work. Ok, maybe they are not the best of friends. But they're close, close enough to know each other's strength and weaknesses.

Adam wanted to take over Tony's restaurant. He proved himself to Tony that he can still cook. But Tony already knew that. What he really concerns about was that whether Adam still on crack. So in exchange of giving Adam control over the restaurant, the Balerdi family requires him to do weekly drug test. Yes, the Balerdi family owns both the hotel and restaurant, and as much as they valued highly trained professionals, hooked on crack kinda devalued that.

Are you on crack, David?? Huh??!!
And then movie started to roller-coasting as Adam began to assemble his cooking brigade. He even visit another friend of him, Conti, who own another restaurant, to poach a capable chef. Which Conti allowed it, because he knew of Adam prowess in culinary skills.

Probably because Conti expected Adam to kick the bucket sooner or later due to crack overdose, so he might as well let Adam trained his chef while not dying over crack. Yet. So, Adam got Helene (Sienna Miller) from Conti's, Max (Riccardo Scamarcio) from prison, David (Sam Keely) from roadside food shop, and Michel (Omar Sy) from the past.

Adam got a little bit of history with Michel. Ok, maybe not a little bit. Adam screwed Michel's new restaurant back in Paris. But Michel told Adam that is all behind him, because he knew Adam was unstable due to crack usage. So, now he's willing to help Adam to get back on his feet. Hurmm nothing suspicious there.

And NO, I'm not on crack right now!
One by one, Adam's past came back haunting him. During his self-imposed exile, his mentor Jean-Luc passed away. He didn't know so he didn't attend the funeral. Well, that just made him a really huge dickhead to everyone else that knew him, unintended of course. Then, even worst and dangerous past appeared, his former dealer came for him.

His drug dealer. They caught the news that he's in London working in a new restaurant, well, its all fun and games but ultimately it have a price. Those cracks have price. And the drug dealer intend to collect.

So all of these twist and turns, all because Adam wanted to get his third Michelin star. Oh yeah, I didn't mentioned that? This whole movie is about Adam trying to get a Michelin star. Its kinda a big thing, I guess, in culinary world. As big as a gold medal in Olympic, probably.

Spoiler alert!

Michel gonna ruin Adam's chance, because of what he did back in Paris to Michel's restaurant. Hahaha. The cycle of hate never gonna end, isn't? Not until all of us got burnt to cinders..


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