Wednesday, September 14, 2016

[Movie] 'Tomorrowland' comes today

A sci-fi mystery adventure film released on 2015. I thought it was gonna be a strange movie where people travel through time from future to past. But I was wrong. In the trailer it was shown that a teenager saw a glimpse of what seemed to be the future. Well, that's the mystery for you. So what about the adventure?

The story began with George Clooney, I mean, Frank Walker (George Clooney), narrating about the problems on planet Earth. War, famine, overpopulation, environmental disasters, and what not. He was interrupted, by another person who turned out to be his accomplice, a teenager named Casey Newton (Britt Robertson). Which annoyed George Clooney, I mean, Frank Walker.

What were they both talking about again? Ah, yes. Prophecy for humanity's doom. Something like that. They had a fancy clock on the table, a countdown for the end of Earth. But is it real though? Well Frank believed it be so, but Casey, not so much.

Frank began his story when he was young, full with hope and youth. Unlike other kids at his age, who spend their time playing football or watching cartoons, Frank spend his time building a jet pack. Because that what genius kids like Frank do, on their free time, building jet packs.

He tried to showcase his jet pack invention at the New York World's Fair 1964 and win the $50 prize from the inventor's competition, but was rejected by David Nix (Hugh Laurie), one of the event's official. Because the jet pack is not fully functional and therefore, have no purpose. But a strange girl noticed Frank's ingenuity, and approached him. She told him to follow her, quietly and keep his distance.

And that's how Frank was invited to the Tomorrowland. Well technically, he kinda sneaked into that place. But the strange girl did gave him a pin embossed with a "T" symbol. So that means he was invited.

But what is Tomorrowland? Is it a secret place hidden underground? But it have its own blue sky, and it doesn't seem like its underground. The buildings are tall and otherworldly, there are robots and flying cars, is it the future then? Well, whatever it is, its a place far far away from here. Relatively speaking.

Before we get to know more about Tomorrowland, Frank refused to continue his story because to him, that's when everything went wrong for him. Casey then jumped in, and continue the story on her side.

Casey is from the present. She's a teenager, doing what teenagers do. Well, not really. She spend her time vandalizing NASA decommissioned launch pad in Cape Canaveral. I guess that's what modern genius teenagers do, huh? Instead of building jet packs, she's sabotaging space launch equipment.

I gotta be honest here, when I first watched the trailer, I thought Casey Newton was a boy, with long hair. Turns out she's a girl. But then again her backstory is kinda choppy. I believe that her character was described to be an optimist and tech-savvy. Is that what we describe vandalist nowadays? And why was it made to look like she was helping her dad? She vandalized NASA's equipment, and trespassed on a restricted area of a government's agency. More like she wanted to send her dad to Guantanamo Bay, to me.

But her little act of terrorism, I mean, innocent vandalizing activity, didn't go unnoticed. She got a pin, just like the one Frank got when he was a little boy. The only difference is that Casey's pin showed her a realistic holographic view of what Tomorrowland might looked like. The one who are giving these pins are Athena, the strange girl. She tried to approached Casey in person, but took her time in order not to spook Casey, but Casey already on the move and tried to track the origin of the pin.

Instead, Athena (Raffey Cassidy) met with Casey's little brother, Nate Newton (Pierce Gagnon), who is an actual boy, and doesn't commit any act of vandalism. That means he is a good boy. And like a good boy he is, Nate told Athena where Casey had gone.

Turns out Casey had gone to a really bad place. It appears that there are Tomorrowland agents that have been destroying any evidence that may link or lead any trace to the Tomorrowland. The mystery deepens here, you guys. But the adventure have yet to end.

Athena managed to save Casey in the nick of time from being turned into a powder of ash by a pair of futuristic ray guns. The agents turned out to be a duo of androids, and was actually looking for Athena and her pin collection. After the deadly scuffle and a quick escape, it was revealed that Athena is also an android. Or also known as the AA, Audio-Animatronics.

Casey got mind-blown by the whole event and tried to escape from Athena, But Athena managed to convince her that she is needed in Tomorrowland, and therefore need to bear the adventure a little bit more. But she did not reveal exactly what is happening in Tomorrowland. Seems like there are troubles. A real deadly trouble.

But before that, lets meet Frank. Athena brought Casey to Frank's place, where Frank have became a grizzled and grumpy inventor. Frank at first, refused to let Casey in, telling her that Athena is lying, and that the holographic view that she saw from the pin was nothing but CGI. An empty dream, sold by a bygone era android. But Casey really wants to go to Tomorrowland. I mean, who doesn't?

So she put Frank's tractor on fire and tried to ram it to his house. And then she slipped into his house and locked him outside while he stopped the tractor. Frank was super upset about this, but her presence caused Frank's doomsday clock to flicker. Well, isn't that convenient.

Even more convenient, Tomorrowland's agents appeared in front of Frank's house and demanded Frank to hand over Casey to their custody. Frank had no choice but to refuse, fight the robots, and escape with Casey. Because the android agents are known to kill and destroy anything they are pursuing. Frank might be grumpy, he is not a heartless bastard. He can't just abandoned Casey to those heartless machine men.

After they escaped from the android agents using a rocket-propelled bathtub, they meet up with Athena. Turns out Frank had a little history with Athena. He hated Athena's robotic guts, because he consider her to be the cause of his miserable life.

He used to like her, a lot, since he was eleven. But she doesn't care about his feeling, because she is a robot. And that kinda scarred him for life. All he want is to be loved.. hmm, so sad.      

But what about Tomorrowland? Are we ever going to get there? Bit by bit, the truth was revealed. Tomorrowland is an advanced city, built in another dimension, by a group of intellectuals called, the Plus Ultra. They searched and recruited people that desire a better future, where Tomorrowland allows them to express their intellectual ideals and inventions, with almost unlimited resources and freedom.

Of course that, kinda fired back. Hmm, that reminds me of the fictional city of Rapture from the Bioshock game.

Frank, by harnessing the power of the tachyon, particles that moves significantly faster than light, created a device called the Monitor. It allows him to, well, monitor Earth. The old Earth. The Monitor also allows him to see the past and the future. And apparently, the future was not good.

So all of these struggles was because they saw the future. Tomorrowland abandon old Earth, because they had lost their hope to save humanity. Some of them, like Frank, tried to change the future but got kicked out instead.

But why Casey, though? Why did Athena choose Casey and tried to have Frank take Casey back to Tomorrowland? Well, Athena was a robot, and she was programmed to find people that hoped for a better future and recruit them to Tomorrowland. She was just following her protocol.

So did they managed to save the world? Remember that pessimistic guy earlier, David Nix? Yeah, that guy have a logic that's slightly different from everyone else.

Overall the movie was great. But it did have a long build up. And a lot of plot holes too. But I suppose there were too much to tell in a single story. And its a kid movie too. So, story cannot be too heavy. As long as the evil governor die, everyone is happy, I guess.


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