Sunday, September 11, 2016

Tera Online: Got plasma?

 It looks like a lightsaber, it swings like a lightsaber, but its not. Its a plasma weapon skin. It was released early this year, but I wasn't aware about it. It seems like the weapon was released quietly. Or maybe it slipped from my attention, probably because I was too focused on the new class launch, the ninja.

But it was kinda out place for the plasma weapon skin release timing. I'm not really sure what's the theme here, is it because of the new Star Wars movie? But the weapon skin was put in the store, 4 month after the new Star War movie release.

Maybe BHS made the weapon skin after they watched the new Star Wars movie. They got super excited, but forgot that it will took month for the weapon skin to finish. Or they did actually made the weapon skin earlier, but North America region got it later than the Asian region.

Well whatever. So how did it turn out?

Pretty slick, huh? The plasma weapon will actually powered down when you are out of combat mode. Meaning that you not gonna walk around with plasma strapped to your back. Only the weapon handle will show up on your back. And the plasma will shoot out of the handle again when you enter combat mode.

Too bad that the weapon skin doesn't really fit with some of the classes. Brawler and gunner doesn't really 'unsheathe' their weapon, so there is no 'powered up plasma' feel for them. But for other classes like warrior and slayer, it will make you feel like the force is with you.

I find that the weapon skin fit very well with Rogue outfit from Tera store. If you wanna role play as a sith warrior, that is. Other than that, you can try the Riddling costume from Fashion Coupon store and dyed it in different color to role play as either a jedi or republican soldier.


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