Thursday, January 19, 2017

The Trump is real

So you guys expecting some happy new year, huh? Got big plan and exciting adventure up ahead? Well, new year always mean a new beginning. And a new beginning usually implies hope. But what if there is no hope?

What if, what awaits you in the future, is nothing but despair, doom, and then some more. How about that? Okay, that may be overstretching it. Its not really that bleak for our future. I mean, Saturday next week, on the 28th January, it will be Chinese New Year. Holiday for everyone. Yay.

But before that, tomorrow, on the 20th January, United States of America will have a new president. Donald John Trump. We all already knew that, of course, from last year. He won the election and well, now he's gonna be the new president.

On November 9th of 2016, it was confirmed that Trump won the election, and he spend all this time as president-elect, to give way for power transition from the previous president, which is President Barack Obama. Oh, what a joy.

By tomorrow noon, Donald Trump will be the 45th President of the United State. The first president in US that have no prior governmental or military experiences. Not a governor, or senator, not even a politician before this. But he did appeared a lot in television.

"You're all fired!"
He was a businessman, in real estate and constructions mostly, and he have a lot of money. But most people will definitely recognized him for the TV show called 'The Apprentice'. His most famous catchphrase is "You're Fired".

So, is it bad?

To be honest, I don't think its bad that Trump is the new president. I mean, I not sure about the "Let's make America great again" part. But Trump being the president will surely humbled the American people, just a little bit. Which is good.

You guys keep calling each other 'Libtard', 'Republitard', 'Sheeple', and and all of those nasty insults. Well, now they all voted for Trump. Why? Because, fuck you guys. Elitism much? You think by insulting people, all of the sudden your intelligence is higher than the rest of us? Well, let's make Trump the president. We'll see how you elitist inbred likes that.

Trump won the election, I guess all of you 'smart', 'elite', 'non-tard' and 'non-sheeple' folks ain't that better after all. You all forget, that in the end, we all breath and bleed the same. Now, its time for us to suffer together. Embrace it.


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