Friday, April 7, 2017

Tera Online: the Valkyrie choose you

It's confirmed. Valkyrie, is coming to Tera NA on 11th of April. There were lots of speculation going on about the new class, particularly on the name of class, but now all doubts are gone like the morning dew against the rising sunlight.

To be honest, the new name actually sucked. Well, less suckier than the initial name. At first, someone managed to glimpse the class's original name back in KTera. It's called Moon Warrior, but it was in Hangul, so it makes perfect sense for the Korean gamers. But publishers from other regions, as part of the localization process, will have to choose a new name. So that it will make sense to their part of the region's playerbase.

There were several choices. From EU to RU and NA, the choices were Glaivedancer, Moondancer, Lunardancer, Poledancer, Paragon, Samurai, and many more. Now one of the choices, was Sentinel. I don't know about other regions, but that name was perfect for NA.

At first, the name chosen by Enmasse, NA publisher, was Paragon, but everyone went batshit-crazy angry. 'Coz the name sucks elin's dick. Then Enmasse, put up a poll for everyone to vote and Valkyrie won the race.

Now we all stuck with a Nordic name of Valkyrie, chooser of the slain, instead of a proper American style name of Sentinel, watcher in the dark. But that's ok, I guess. Because ultimately, the Tera lore will tie up all the loose end by giving the class a background story, that will explain why valkyrie is valkyrie.

Ok, now I think we should've gone with Sentinel as the name. Is it too late to change it? Of course it is! The launch is confirmed and will go live officially on Tuesday next week! Well, no point crying over spilled milk. Don't worry, I'm sure Valkyrie will not disappoint.

At least this part relates to Valkyrie. All hope is not lost! Valkyrie is known to be associated with runic stuff. In this case, in Tera, instead of making cure-runes and health-runes, Valkyrie will mostly make kill kill die die destructive-rune. Explosively, even.

As usual, it's race and gender locked. Which is Castanic female. Their weapon of choice would be a huge bladed stick, called Glaive. Their armor, medium, which is sexy leather. And they are DPS support. Well, more DPS than support, really. They have a skill or two, that can help the party. I think people will lean toward, moar self DPS plox!

Would there be events on the launch day? Yes.
Leveling events have been confirmed. There are 2 parts. Both begin on Tuesday, 11th April.

One is for the special, 'I'm frist!!' kinda event where players that managed to reach cap level within the day will receive titles that will indicate that they were indeed, were there on the first day. For some people, that's a super important, must-get bragging right. The event begin and end on the first day.

Second is for the normal 'Hey, come on down and play the game for freeeee' kinda event. Where the player will be given a free account-bound character slot (character slot limit have been increased to 17), and they will receive a reward box that will continue to reward your Valkyrie as you progress through the game. You can participate from 11th until 30th April.

Afterward, your Valkyrie will have to fend for herself. Not even cat from space can help you.


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