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Games: Men of War

Men of War, you know what people would say, more like Women of War. Haha
Actually, no. Despite of what gamers review in and in board, I honestly think this is a good game if not great. At first I think the game is more or less like the Theater of War 2, but I was wrong.
First, Men of War is in much smaller scale of war compared to Theater of War 2. I mean, Theater of War 2 is huge, even with my machine of AMD Phenom quad-core processor and Nvidia Geforce GTX 275, I still got the game lagging. I don't know whether it is because of my machine, or the game itself is buggy, but I've never finished the game. Got crashed while in play, every time.
Second, Men of War single player campaign focus on missions that involves a few infantry and tanks, like a squad or battle group. There are a few part in the campaign where the battle get big, but you still end up with a few squads of infantries and tanks. Unlike in Theater of War 2, the battle is, like a war. You end up with a regiment or two, and you have to control all of them.
Now, why would I compare between Men of War and Theater of War? First, because the game is designed by the same company, the 1C Company. Second, because the game is kinda the similiar based on the graphic engine and the models used.
I found Theater of War 2 sucks, but Men of War nice. Weird huh?
Well I'll break it down to you guys why.


Take a look at the screenshot. A few infantries engaged here and there. Some says this game is a ripped-off from Company of Heroes, but I don't agree totally. Men of War allow the player to equip the soldiers individually, and there is limit to ammo, fuel and stamina. Which I found quite unique and makes it distinct from Company of Heroes. The game also much more realistic and focus on individual units where the units are not automatically group together. You can select the unit individually or select a few units to make a group or squad.
Oh yeah, there is no base building and resources collecting in this game, you have to make do with whatever you are given. Not in Company of Heroes, you practically can get limitless resources.. manpower, fuel and ammo to continue waging the war.


See how detailed the model is? Well, the same in Theater of War 2. But in this game the unit, is far more detailed. Oh yeah... the game have a feature called Direct Control, where you can control a unit in targeting and firing. In vehicle, you can even swap between main armament and the secondary weapon. That mean you could even control the machine gunner up there. Isn't cool? It is very cool, I assure you. You know what else, the game get so realistic you can abandon or hijack a vehicle. Because the limit the game puts on, your tank might run out ot ammo or fuel and you need to take someone else. You can get that in the Theater of War but the game is too huge for micro- managing. Just imagine, in this game on a mission,  your were give a squad or even four soldiers, and the enemy got a tank, light or some juicy heavy tank like KV tank, the Slugger or even Tiger 2, all you need to do is disable the tank's track and engine then the turret or go straight for the turret with AT grenade, the crews will be  panicked and run out or on fire and fall dead, you can get your soldiers into the tank and repair it back for you to use. Now, you got yourself a tank and running it over your enemies.

Not impressed?
Well you should try it yourself. If you got lucky, you would be driving the only tank in the map. Haha
In one of the missions, I was messed up probably because I met with Tiger 2 tank and the tank blew up all my tanks and massacre most of my infantry squads. I was left with 6 soldiers and I was given a task to take over a hill, protected by a Tiger tank and a couple of medium tanks, anti-tank guns, heavy machine guns, mortars and a platoon of infantries. So what happened was, I kinda stalk the Tiger 2 tank, damaged the engine so it would stop on its track then damaged its turret. Oh yeah, did I forgot to mentioned that if you destroy or totally blew up the parts ot the vehicles, you won't be able to repaired it back. Ever. And skip the hulls too. How to repair a tank's hull anyway? You don't, you need to a buy a new one. Well, it took me 8 AT grenades to make short of the Tiger 2 tank, then I seize it, repaired it, and  pummeled the hill from distances. The tank got a thick armor, armament that could penetrate any armor and, wow... the terror it sends to all your enemies. See, a well played strategies could turned the tide even with just 6 soldiers.

This picture is the Slugger that I jacked from the Amis. It was... awesome when I used it to ambush the Allies convoy consisting of  four M4 Sherman Firefly. You know what its look like, fireworks! Haha

This is when I repair one of the Sherman Firefly for myself. I got lucky because one of them was only damaged the turret. Those sprawling bodies? That is the tank crews, was actually.

This is when I run the tanks over the enemies. See that overturned tank? Try to tow that one! Haha. The lower tank was out of gas and the overturned tank was damaged on the hull, couldn't repaired it back. The upper tank? Its rolling baby~


Four pictures above, is when I used the jacked M4 Sherman Firefly to shoot on an AA tank with HEAT bullet using Direct Control. While HEAT bullet? AP bullet is good at destroying a tank's part but with HEAT it makes the tank easier to explode especially it you hit the engine, Nice~

Now see how good the game is. The game demand micro-managing and consume time for you to outmaneuver  your enemies. But because the battle is in a smaller scale of the war you wouldn't get pressured too much when thing turns wrong. You can always turn the tide by pausing and take good look at the map. There should be a weak spot in the line, a lone patrol or even an empty vehicle for you to take. All you need is a few guys to be the driver, the gunner, the loader and maybe a machine gunner. If you stuck with the infantry only, always go for the big gun, like MG42 or BAR, or going for deadlier weapon like sniper rifle.
Well, that's all about the gameplay. For the graphic you can see it for yourself in the pictures.

Minimum system requirements:

  • Windows 2000/XP
  • 2.6GHz Processor
  • 1GB RAM
  • GeForce 6200/Radeon 9600 Videocard or higher
  • DirectX 9.0c
  • compatible sound card
  • 4GB free HDD space
Quite runnable game now isn't it? The requirement is quite low given you had an average GFX cards. The game really worth it, if you a true gamer.
If you just looking for a time to kill before doing assignments or paperwork, better get yourself the Farm Frenzy


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