Sunday, February 21, 2010

10 things that I hate about you


"Isn't she just adorable?"

But I would be lying to myself if I'd say I didn't have anything to hate about her. There are a few things that makes me so hateful toward her, I just couldn't stand anymore.

Here is a list of things that I hate about her;
  1.  She is cute, and always act like one.
  2. She is kind-hearted, she could easily make anyone as her friends.
  3. She is sweet, because she makes all the good things out of everything despite how horrible things happened.
  4. She always hear about my problems and try to be supportive.
  5. She is understanding and there is nothing that I couldn't explained to her, though it gonna take quite an effort to do so. 
  6. She is funny, probably because the jokes were on her sometimes.
  7. She is independent, and always try to carry her own burden.
  8. She could be my best and closest friend, because she always there for me.
  9. She always care for the people around her, taking care others feeling when her own is hurting.
  10. She stole my heart... and doesn't seem to have any intention at all of returning it back. Hurmm. 

All in that list looks like the things that I love about her. But how could it become the hate list. It is this simple. This, is what we called passionate longing. It is the feeling of love, turns into hatred. How so, you asked?
Well, in that list, if there is any one of the points was not fulfilled, I would have the feeling of anger building up in my chest, and it'll grow into resentment and later it'll lead to hatred. It becomes like that, because I love and miss her alot.
It is in the Malay sayings ," Love and longing, will cause hate and grudges, in time and reasons.". 

So when I said I hate her, its because I love her and wanting her to be at my side all the time. And when I said I have grudges against her, it is only because I was longing for her and miss her so much for all the time that she had been absent.

Its funny that sometimes the things that you love will turned into resentment if you take it on a bad turn.  Its like playing football, the sport that you enjoy the most, but if you keep getting losing on every matches, the sport will turn into the thing that annoy you the most.

But in this part, on the list I just made, it may annoy me sometimes, irritates me when something went wrong, and could well make me angry and sad because she is not with me here right now, Then again, all these feeling comes from the first feeling I had for her,

"I love and miss u alot."


  1. next is my turn to list down the 10 things i hate about you ;p love you sayang ~ muahhx


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