Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Games: Overlord 2

Have you ever played the prequel of Overlord 2, the Overlord and its expansion in Overlord: Raising Hell? If you had, then Overlord 2 will show you some superb improvement not only in gameplay but graphic as well.

When I first saw t
he game on the on top of the shelf in an unnamed stores, I was surprised. I didn't even get the news that the game was coming out. And there she was, on the shelf with the sign "New Arrivals". The reason for my shocking expression was because I had played the prequel before. The first game, the Overlord was great. It had little buggy, great graphic, easy gameplay to handle, understandable plot, and funny element here and there in the game. In other word, the game is quite delightful. In the prequels, not only the player can play as an Overlord, but you can choose between being a good Overlord or a bad-ass Overlord. The Overlord appearance will change according to the chosen path, like glowing aura that inspire the people around if your are good, or grown a set of horn and colored like a black knight if you choose to be bad.

But enough with the prequels already. Its your loss if you hadn't played the prequels yet. Seriously. 

Well well, what about the Overlord 2? What so special about it? Well I'll tell you what special about it. First of all the game took place after the Overlord: Raising Hell. The last of the prequels was when the Overlord finally defeated the Forgotten God and claim the Abyss at the cost of entrapment. The Abyss fallen apart after the defeat of the Forgotten God, trapping the Overlord with it. But it just like what the Overlord adviser, Gnarl, always said, "Evil will always find its way." And just with that, here come the second sequel. In Overlord 2, the current Overlord is supposed to be the late Overlord's offspring. Who is the mother? Well well, I guess you have to play it to find out..

This game is slightly better in graphical performance compared to the prequels. It seem the models were quite the same, but I'd say its lighting and extra shadow make it looks better than before. The game also have surprisingly detailed background and models. Well, the game does demand extra juice from your PC, if you playing in PC. Here is the system requirement:

Minimal system requirements

• OS: Windows XP SP2 / Vista SP1
• CPU: Pentium D with 3.4 GHz or appropriate AMD processor
• RAM: 1 GiByte
• Graphics card: Geforce 6800 / Radeon X1800XT
• HDD: 1.5 GiByte

Recommended system requirements
• OS: Windows XP SP2 / Vista SP1
• CPU: Intel Core 2 Duo or Athlon 64 X2
• RAM: 2 GiByte
• Graphics card: Geforce 7900 GTX or Radeon HD 2600 XT
• HDD: 1.5 GiByte
• Creative X-Fi

Do you see what the game demands? Unless you wanna play the game with blurred faces and unnaturally slow motion gaming experience, you better get yourself the top-notch hardwares available in the market. I played this game with Windows Vista x32, AMD Phenom 9950 Quad-Core processor of 2.6 GHz, Nvidia Geforce GTX 275, and 3GB of RAM. I could have 8GB of RAM actually but my Vista x32 limits the memory to 3GB only, too bad..

It really worth the investment you know. What this game demands actually pretty much the same what the games nowadays demand. With the recommended system requirement of this game, you could play Fallout 3, COD Modern Warfare, COD Modern Warfare 2 and more.

Enough with the system requirement talk, we don't want to get your hope down too much, now do we? Lets talk about the gameplay here. Well its pretty much the same with the prequels, how to select your minions, to control your minions, and to use your spells.

There is a slight change in gameplay however, where in this sequel you get to possess your minions. Yep, there is a magic stone that when you feed it with your dark power, will allow you to get into your minion's body. Haha .... I'm not joking. The stones are located at some strategic places where you cannot access an area with the body of the Overlord. Like a corridor full of fiery lava that only the red minion could survive.

Most of other features are mostly the same like previous game. Just like standard genre of role-playing game, you can customize your Overlord with armor, helmet and weapons. You minions however will equip themselves with whatever they can get their dirty hand on. Be it farmer's fork or the legion sword.

Another new features is the sea battle. Yeah, in the sequel game you get to row a ship. Not actually you, but your minion will do the rowing. And not actually your ship, but you know what, you are an Overlord, just confiscate it. The sea battle involve of boarding each other ship. Yeah, too bad there are no cannons. But so what, you got red minions and they pack a punch against wooden-built ship. Haha . The battle will be revolving about throwing fire to the enemy's sail to cripple their movement, then you can board their ship and take it for yourself. Oh, you don't need sails, your minions gonna row the ship for you. The enemy could counter-attack with ramming speed and able to board your ship with a bunch of hippies elvens to attack your rowing crews. Hurmmm.. just delightful.

What else could I say about this game. It got simple puzzle, full of action if you enjoy seeing your minions do the dirty works for you, and the graphic is just breathtaking. Before I forgot, there are other new feature in this game which called Alignment. Well in previous game, there was also alignment meter for the Overlord but in this sequel, instead of the typical Good & Evil Alignment the game have Domination & Destruction Alignment. It means that the player can choose to be an Overlord who dominate not only the land, but the mind and the heart of its subject, or destroy everything in his path for he is the Overlord and there is nothing that can stop him. Don't afraid to unleash carnage and destruction because that is what an Overlord meant to be.

OH, did I forgot to tell you that you can have foursome with 3 of you mistresses? Wow, you'll never get that in the prequels. How to get that kinky actions? Just like what Gnarl always said,

Gnarl:"Evil will always find its way. Always.. Hehehe"


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