Tuesday, March 9, 2010

BEL492 Presentation 2nd part

I should've post this about last week. Right after my first presentation.
Well, I didn't have the time because last week my time was filled with alot of things. Plus I got lots of things in mind. Hehe

As I posted earlier, the topic I chose was 'The Impact of Euthanasia on the society'. The topic is kinda a bit loose because its not just about medical terminology on suicide. There are more about in this topic, in social science, cultural studies and even related to medical law.

But mostly this topic is debated on the basis of public opinion. As I  present the topic to my classmates, I mentioned to them that Euthanasia comes from a Greek word called, "good death". In modern medicine, the terminology is known as "assisted suicide" or "legal murder".
The reason for this words, is that euthanasia literally meant that doctors could end their patients life for greater reason. But of course the doctor wouldn't make the decision alone. Usually the doctor will consult with that patient's relative or closest kin. Unless of course the patient is a homeless guy with no medical insurance. Haha, I'm just kidding. If you were the homeless guy with no medical insurance, you wouldn't be admitted to the hospital in the first place anyway. Not if there is any government hospital around. 

Too bad I didn't take any pictures during the class. Duh...
By the time I finished my presentation, I sit down and realized, "Man, I should've taken a picture of myself.". I mean, I was wearing my cool blazer that matches my pants. Haha
So I took it AFTER I went home. Sad huh..
But someone wanted to see me in the outfit, so.. here it is. Hehe

Back to the presentation, I make quite a bare and plain presentation. Mostly because the topic itself is lack of graphical presentation. I mean, should I show a picture of a doctor asking a patient to end their life buy cutting them open, or a patient asking a doctor to inject some lethal dose of drug in his vein?

The presentation have a time limit of 5 minute and if there was even a video about how euthanasia was executed, it would take more than 3 minutes. So I just went along with introducing myself, my personal details but not that detailed, and I went straight to the definition and what is that makes up the word Euthanasia.

I finished the presentation in time, but I hoped to do better next time. My next presentation is  probably next week, I really not sure. I heard the turns will be rotated, this time the last presenter would present their topic first. I sure hope so. Hehe


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