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#PrayForMH370 The Story

The incident happened on 8 March 2013, Saturday. The flight, MAS (Malaysia Airline System) Boeing B777-200 aircraft tagged as flight MH370, was from Kuala Lumpur to Beijing with 239 people on board, suddenly when missing when it did not make its landing nor did it report of its delay to the air traffic control tower. It was believed that the plane went missing somewhere in the Vietnam airspace where its transponder signal when dark and all communication were cut off. I know that this incident happened about 21 days ago, which almost a month, but because they have yet to found the whole plane (the news only report the suspected debris though they have yet to confirm it) so I didn't write anything because I don't want to jump into assumptions or conclusions on a false premises. But because its already almost a month, the survival rate of the passengers and crews alike, have reduced from thin to almost nil. Its been too long, and even if there are survivors out there, especially if they crash into the ocean, they would have drifted by the ocean wave far away from the point of crash site. So here I would like to post some chronological story of some sort, from my point of perspective, as a sign of tribute to those who may or may not lost in the crash incident.

The Start of the Incident

The original flight path of MH370
The passengers and crews of MH370

MH370 went missing at 8th March 2013, Saturday

Several causes is considered to determine the site of rescue operation.

The Responses

Raja Bomoh (King of Witch-Doctor) from Malaysia.
Using his mystical sight to search for the lost plane.
Everyone wants to be the Hero.

 Ok Fine.. The Real Responses

Several countries mobilize their fleet and asset for the rescue mission.

The Conspiracy Theories 

It could be headed to US Naval base in Diego Garcia Island.
It could be hijacked by terrorist and flown to a hidden place.  
Or it could be lost in another dimension, like the Lost.
Or the alien kidnapping case.
Maybe the pilot is mentally unstable and intentionally crashes the plane.
Maybe the crews were in cahoot with shadowy organisation.

 The Progress?

The plane was confirmed not crashed in the South China Sea.
It flown across the Peninsular of Malaysia and headed west.
Detected by several radars and satellite.
But it was unidentified because the plane transponder was off.
The combined rescue fleet redeployed to the South Indian Ocean

 What were they looking for?

At this point, it would be a miracle to find a survivor.
Perhaps the plane black box would reveal the truth.
South Indian Ocean is deep and turbulent.
Survival rate for the victims would be extremely low.
So finding the black box would at least pin point the location of the crash.

If the plane was even crashed at all. The satellite have been showing imagery of what seems to be pieces from the plane. Although they have yet to confirm it. Most were flotsam of tied together raft or floating garbage. I hope its all ends well.


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