Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Games: Men of War - Red Tide

When I run out to find update for the game Men of War, I found out that an expansion was out called Red Tide. I google'ed a abit about this game, I found a lot of people comment that this game is a farce. I.. really wish to differ because the first game was quite good. The only bad thing about this game that could agree with the gamers out there is that, Yes! this game have a very bad voice acting. The baddest voice acting I've ever heard in a game, yet.

In this new expansion, it features some new units, new maps and new people. Like usual. Hehe.
But what so special about this game? Well, in this expansion the storyline would be focusing more on the Soviet, like the title suggested it, really. Specifically, this game focusing on the story of the Soviet Black Sea Fleet, confronting Romanian and German Army. Its all about taking back Sevastopol, sabotaging the enemy defenses,harassing the enemy supply line, recon and stealing information and of course getting the fleet near coast to pummel the enemy with battleships.

Another thing that this game features is new types of tanks from both side, Soviet and German. I haven't seen any heavy tanks but there a lot of light and cool tanks. Some of this light tank actually can traverse across bodies of water. Well, I guess this is what this expansion wanted to introduce, water type unit. 

As you can see in the screenshot, most of this new units are light or medium tank. Some of them are only equipped with machine gun turret. This is probably what we called infantry tank, where a tank is used to fight against infantry at large. But its cool, because fast and infantry-killing tank is not something to look down with. So far in this game, the largest caliber gun mounted tank I'd ever ride is 73mm tank. And that is really hard to come by. The campaign in this expansion is focusing mostly on small battle. Or should I say stealh. There are a few mission where you get to be in large battle but still you controlling a few squads and tanks where the rest is controlled by AI. I'm not saying its bad, it really good actually. Instead of micromanaging the entire regiment, you are given a few squads to help the regiment to push through the enemy line of defense. So you could savor the thrill of crawling behind enemy emplacement and surprises them while the regiment make their big entry. Hehe

Did I mention about the water type units, yes I did. In a few missions you get to ride on some boat, rubber boat or motorboat. But as the battle gets more bigger and intense, you will provided with attack boat such as this M40 gunboat. Its inadequate to bombard the coast leave alone to harass enemy emplacement. But still, it could give some covering fire on the coast and AA defenses. Any enemy's tank or infantry squad wandering into its range will get ripped apart with its 73mm artillery guns and mounted heavy machine guns. Just be careful of enemy's coastal batteries though, ha.

But whats the point of calling it the Black Sea Fleet without the fleet big guns. Haa, am I right? Am I right?? I didn't get the ships name, I think it could be a cruiser, but with a lot of guns on board, I'd say its a battleship. It just that the size doesn't look right. Anyway, it got really big guns on there. 180mm artillery naval gun, that what I'm talking about. But you don't get to control the ship. The ship becomes your some kind of reinforcement where you can choose to shoot the 180mm artillery naval guns on enemy positions by clicking the reinforcement button on the below right side of the screen. The naval guns itself shoot a direct fire so.. some buildings might get in your way.

Another unit being introduced is the armored train. Trains with a lot of infantry it carries with along with some AA guns and 88mm artillery gun. The train is a good weapon platform but because its immovable, its kinda useless when the regiment is making their push deeper into the enemy territories. But its a good fallback point though, when things got tough you could just retreat bact to the train.

The game also make a lot of appearance for air unit, the airplanes. I didn't get to the point where you can ride one, but I'm pretty sure the game would never let you. Because the airplanes in this game is kinda hard to control if you look at it. And they fly kinda at low attitude. The downside of this air battle is that the AA guns ALWAYS miss the plane. Well, not missing the shot when taking the plane down, but miss the sight of the plane. There were a lot of occasions where when I got to control the AA guns, the planes would just fly over my emplacement or even bombed it to smithereens without the guns bearing on the planes. I had to manually click on the target so that the AA guns start bearing and shooting. Duh..

And yeah, before I forgot, there is a part in those many missions, you get to face the super-heavy 600mm Morser Karl mortar which I doubt you'll get to ride one. In my game, there were always infantries operating it, and I couldn't get them out aside from destroying the mortar itself. Its a bummer. 
The missions in this game really throw a lot of fun stuff. I couldn't get it of my attention but there a lot of artillery pieces out there. There is some point where you have to take a village from the German 11th Army, you'll get to face with infantry assault gun. This is one of my favorite guns. Its a small piece of artillery with indirect fire and works like a mortar with a slight longer range. The best part is that this gun pack a punch with its accuracy, compared to a mortar. There is also 15cm howitzer that the German uses but it take quite a loading time. So, I like the infantry assault gun more. Hehe

Anyway, that's all it. I, in my personal opinion, really don't think this game is a farce. Well yeah, the voice acting was crap, but the gameplay might had just improved a bit. No longer you have to control a large amount of units but instead you get to control a handful of units and still gets the big fight. I mean, with the soldiers and tanks streaming again and again like a tide against the enemy impregnable defenses, and its up to you to infiltrate, do some sabotaging and get the enemy crippled. There nothing more fun than stealing the enemy big guns and bearing it down against them. Really. :P

Happy Playing!     


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