Friday, August 13, 2010

Post-apocalyptic themed games

During my one week holiday, I managed to entertain myself with a few new and old games. The games were being the Fallout 3 & all DLCs, Metro 2033, and Borderlands & all DLCs

Yeah yeah, I know. Borderlands being post-apocalyptic game? Whaaat? Actually the game setting is not exactly took place in post-apocalyptic event. There is nothing apocalyptic with the planet being abandoned by the colonists. It just that the game LOOKED like one. One of the reason if you search in the net, many gamers will be comparing between Borderlands and Fallout 3. But, we will get down to that later.

Lets start with Fallout 3 eh? Its a well known game, all gamers will at least heard once about this game. This game won a whole lot of award as The Best Overall RPG, Overall Game of the Show of E3 2008 and also awarded by GamePro Magazine as PC Game of the Year 2008. Great work Bethesda Game Studios.

But that is all about rating, publicity and all. But what about the real deal? The gaming experience and all that shits? We don't want another Bioshock that have all the juices but was too easy on the hand that it could be completed in less than 5 hours. I mean, come on, this is no effing hand-held console games like you played on a bus or train.

Well, if you asked me, this game really worth your while. For a gamer who is looking for a long hours of play with juicy graphics and realistic experience, your search have ended. This Is The Game! Yes, I dare to say this may be the one, yet. It have been released about 3 years ago, but it still kicking ass.

Now here is the REAL game about post-apocalytic world. The place setting was taken around Washington D.C, plus in the DLCs, other places included Pittsburg, Point Lookout State Park, Anchorage and alien mothership. The last one sounded kinda weird isn't? But yeah, you get to play on the alien mothership.
The time setting was about 200 years after the Great War, which is the supposed nuclear holocaust happened. In the plot, it is said that the nuclear missiles started to fly around in 2077, where nobody knows who start shooting it but managed to ravage the earth into wasteland.

Now, the whole world is in the state of wasteland, barren and void of... usual living things. Whats left are mutants, raiders, survivors and crazy bear & dogs. Hehe
The player, known as the Lone Wanderer, come out from the Vault to get some fresh air and kick some mutant's ass and ultimately defeated the anarchist Enclave. And of course to learn the truth about his father and, whats really going down out there. Hehe..

As you can see from the pictures, there are.. indicators for health, directions, and ammunition. Okay, what really distinguished Fallout 3 from all its prequel is its gameplay itself. Fallout 1 & 2 looked like the ol' Warcraft: The Dark Portal. You know, point and click kinda game. But under the artwork from Bethesda Studios, this new sequel takes form in FPS+RPG game. Bethesda have done a great job by revolutionize this game genre, and not to forget the V.A.T.S (Vault Assisted Targeting System), a new feature introduced in the game.

This game get so realistic, you feel like you REALLY wandering in the wasteland. There was a time during my first play, I was walking about in the wasteland and got smacked on the face by the crazy bear, Yao Guai.The thing is, I heard him growling and running towards me. But when I turned and start spewing some hot leads, that thing jumped towards me and.. just slapped me to death. Yeah, I seriously need some bad ass Power Armor to wander around the wasteland, should make a note for the future. Hehe

Here are some pictures for the game...


Next one coming, is Metro 2033. This game almost have the same theme like the Fallout 3, difference is that this game took place about 20 years after the nuclear holocaust.. in Moscow. Yup, this game have such a refreshing story because.. you know, like any other WWII game, its interesting to have a look on another front. And in this game, its the Eastern Front that we looking on.

The story is about a guy named Artyom, who was born on the day of nuclear holocaust. 20 years later, he is old enough, and the day of post-apocalyptic, every man able to bear arm is recruited. So does Artyom. How did these people survive the apocalypse? Like the game name suggested, there is a massive metro system underneath the Moscow city. They dwell under there, and salvage whatever they can. The currency used is, bullets. Not any bullet, but the fine-built bullet made during the pre-war. Just for the heads up, these bullets still can be used to shoot. So.. every bullets really counts in this game.

The thing is, in this game, the plot is quite straight-forward. Its not like Fallout 3, where you can easily travel and explore the world. Because the time setting is 20 years after the nuclear holocaust, the upper world is still polluted with radiations and yes... infested with wild animal mutants. The player could only briefly went to upper world, only to traverse to another metro station, with the help of a gas mask and a handful of leftover bullets from the pre-war. In this game, the player ultimate goal is to made contact with.. some kind of new human species, they have some kind of psychic power, and looked like the aliens from Roswell. Huh..  

This game also demands alot of juices from a GFX card. I played the game with Nvidia GTX 275 card, and I could only play it on low setting. Don't get me wrong, even with low setting, the pictures are still awesome, but putting on high setting causes the game to crash.. on the start menu! 

I don't have any screenshot for this game. For obvious reasons of course.. the game will start to crash every time I run any program on the background. Too bad..

Overall, the game is still great. The graphics are juicy, and the gaming experience is awesome. I mean, the gameplay really put the players in a realistic situation when resources are scarce and you got whole lot of carnivorous mutants swarming and chasing over your ass. Its like, Survival out there. Wooot~!

Yeah, beafore I forgot, the game have 2 ending. Bad and good. Bad, is that you destroyed the nest of the new humans. Good, you spare them and hope for better future. Its kinda hard of getting good ending.. 'coz it involves of NOT killing the Nazis. Yup.. What Nazis, you ask? Well, I guess you gotta play to know. Haha

I'll write about the Borderland game later. I really wanted to write a whole lot about it, and it doesn't seems adequate to cram the story here. Yeah.. Borderland, is it or is it not the rival for Fallout 3? We shall see.




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