Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Starcraft 2??

A new game from Blizzard Entertaintment
Kinda take like forever before it was released. It was announced in May 2007, and now its already 2010.. Huh.

However, the game itself it not a disappointment. Seriously. I thought this game would be just like Tiberium War : Twilight, but I was wrong. This game totally rocks. Although there are bits of.. dispute about the game balance, I still think this game is one hell of a sequel. 

I'm still playing this game though, so I wouldn't write the review yet. But there are some of the things I still wanna write down. I just couldn't hold it off anymore!! Hehe

First of all, the graphic. Yeah, all new games nowaday seems to be competing to be which one have the more juices. Well, for Starcraft 2, this game totally have a juicy graphic. Not just in the in-game graphic, but also the cinematic. It just.. Awesome. The camera couldn't be adjusted though so player wouldn't be able to.. rotate to see the units in detail. Seems that Blizzard still wanted to retain the originality of this game.

Second, is the gameplay. The gameplay is still the same like the prequel. You know, the usual point and click game. The only difference is that, in this new sequel, players will have a list of mission to do, including optional and secret mission. And some of this mission will require the player to make decision. There is no bad or good consequences from this decision making, but what it does is... you get to see cool cinematic and a different scenario. But the ending is all the same anyway. Example is like when you choose to go againt Tosh, and support Nova. Tosh will no longer lingering around in your Cantina but Nova won't join you. So less conversation in your cruiser then. Yeah, something like that. Hehe.

And lastly, the plots. Yeah, its plot is just refreshing. Starcraft 2 is made into a trilogy. The first being the Wings of Liberty, the next is the Heart of the Swarm and lastly is the Legacy of Void. Just like the name suggested, the game each take a story for each faction for the Terran, the Zerg, and the Protoss. Right now what I'm playing is the Wings of Liberty. The other 2 haven't yet released.. hope it got released soon..  

Well, that is all. Just for the heads up, the game requires internet to be installed. Or CD key for offline installation. But that is all, no worries. Seriously, no mumbo jumbo like Ubisoft ridiculous DRM like the Settlers 7. So the game is not only great, but also playable.
Isn't that is the most important part? Haha

Can't wait to finish the game and see the end of.. Tychus Findlay. Yea.. BTW that the name of the guy in the Starcraft 2 trailer. The one who said...

"Hell, its about time!"



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