Sunday, August 15, 2010

Ramadhan: The Holy month

Yeah, I know.. Its kinda late to make this kind of entry, given that the fasting month already started a week ago. But still, better than nothing at all, right?

I don't have any problem, fasting during the day and break fast on the evening. I mean, before this I'm used to have meal a couple of time a day. The fact that this year fasting month seems to be during a rainy season.. I wouldn't have to worry about the blazing hot day anymore. But, it may affect the usual tradition of going to the Ramadhan Bazaar though..
Nah, I wouldn't go to the bazaar anyway. Its not like when I still living in the hostel compound. The bazaar would be just downhill and I would just walk to it. Nope, living as the NR for college means I need some kind of transportation to go to the bazaar and be back before the Iftar. Doesn't seem to worth it when I need to walk all the way there and be back, while I could just cook the meals at home. Huh..

The fasting month is really a testing month. From hunger to emotional deprivation. It is the sacred month for all Muslim. All of the Muslims will be tested to the core. How so?
It is believed that during the Ramadhan, all the devil and demons will be chained away in respect of this sacred month. In other word, any atrocities or how to put this delicately... the sins committed by a Muslim is by his or her own conscience.

The greatest threat faced by the Muslims during this month is not just hunger and thirst. Hunger and thirst is just an illusion, believe me. Human can survive without food for weeks, and without water for days. 

It is FITNA', that threatened the Muslims world as a whole. Well, not just the Muslims actually. It threatens the entire human civilization, as fitna' alone could drag down the innocents down to the gutters, sometime turning them into mindless and angry mobs.

How fitna' works? It started from a wild rumors, and like a cancer, it will spread around, turning baseless statement or accusation to be the real thing. How people could just believe the fitna', where it is just a baseless rumors to begin with? Well, if it comes from your own friends or someone who you respected or even someone with quite the reputation, it could be turned to be believable. This is especially easy to achieve, when the person who listen to the rumors, doesn't take the effort to actually investigate the matter. Or at least listen to both sides.

Fitna' doesn't usually come from a person who is rough or even violent. It is the person who looks or claim to be non-malicious that usually do this. Why? Because they are more believable. Well, they do looks frail and delicate. People will see them like, "Oh poor <this guy>.." and listen to his and only side.

Fitna' is very, very dangerous instrument. It turns friends and families against each other throats. It is fueled with resentment and rage. Take example of the oil price issues. Everyone is affected by it, and it only take one wild rumor and gossip to turn everyone against the current ruler. One spark, and it could start a forest fire.

If it is up to me, I'll just take a neutral stance. It doesn't worth it to get into someone else fight, where I don't know how or why the issue started. Its like getting your hand dirty without knowing which or what the heads and tails of the issue. Sounds familiar? Well it happened everywhere. Best solution is to get on with my own life, by my own standards and no one else.

One example of such scenario, happened to a friend of mine. A has been living in same house with B, C and D for almost 3-4 years. They have created this special bond, called BFF (Best Friend Forever). But it only take one douche to come over, and spread some bullshit to create resentment among them. Such a pity.. you have been living together for years, even claim yourselves as, the best friends, whereas you should be the person who knows better than anyone else. But you fell for it, for what and whose sake?

Anyone who refuses the bullshit is claimed to be weak, can't stand on their own.. Well, last time I check, being strong and independent is to be able to stand on their own ideals, not others. But there could be an ulterior motive behind all this. Like getting a free ride and easy tips for their studies. Yup, its a dog-eat-dog world out there. Huh..

Its only a week since the holy month of Ramadhan started. I hope by the end of this month, I will become even stronger and sturdier than I ever was. No way I'm gonna fell for this puny, baseless, and corrupting Fitna'. I have my pride, not only as a man, but as a Muslim, born and raised as one, and I will never be swayed by it.

Happy Fasting Month!

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