Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Out of Boredom

I'd just watched Glee season 1 episode 10, wow, there was an awesome appearance made by Neil Patrick Harris. This guy is among the talented actors that I enjoyed their cast. The song that he sung, Aerosmith - Dream On its kinda inspiring me. And entertained me, haha. Because he make a duet with Matthew Morrison. They have such a nice voice. Orayte!

Then, I watched another TV series, called How I Met Your Mother. Another nice series, where Patrick Neil Harris and Jason Segel cast together. Jason Segel is also one of my favourite, he just got the thing with tunes. Hehe

What else.. yeah. I just reinstalled a game called Fallout 3. I think I need to search back all the DLC for the game. Seems like the game Metro 2033 is not up to my expectation. Its a good game, no doubt. But the game is too.. linear. I thought the game would be in open world where player can explore and experienced the life in post-apocalyptic age.. in Moscow!
Yup, I was expecting that, because Fallout 3 take the setting in Washing D.C, U.S. The thing is that in Fallout 3, it only show the glimpse of what really happened around the world, preferable their rival faction during the war - China. So I thought like.. hey, in Moscow. What people would be doing over there, I mean in Washington there are the Brotherhood of Steel, the Conclave and mutants some more. But.. in Metro 2033, in the Moscow, seems their most awesome faction are the Rangers. Which is the most advanced and proper equipped but other than that.. just like any regular men.

Haha, I know.. what was I expecting? Full armored soldiers, wearing power armor and have heavy bolter, like in the Space Marine? Yeah, I'm a fan of those things. The game nevertheless is great. The story line is thrilling, the graphic is awesome, but buggy a bit. I couldn't play the game with high setting, but I still get good pictures. But the game crashes every some awesome explosions happened. I hope a new patch for PC version come out soon. 

Why I'm going to play the game again u asked? Because it got 2 endings and I want to see the other end. Hehe
But enough of that. I think I have said too much. I should make a review about the game. Yes, another entry for my blog. This should keep my writing skill honed up. I know sometimes I got my grammar messed up sometimes, or all times. Haha,

Well, thats all for today.
Hope my girlfriend is in a good shape for the next holiday. I have an amazing date plan laid on, always. Haha

True Story,

Last night conversation..

- "Oh, please .. just grow up"
- "Why? Wait till you hear me sing this."
-"Then YOU'll grow up. Haha"

"Yeah, I know nobody knows
where it comes and where it goes
I know it's everybody's sin
You got to lose to know, how to win ~

Half my life

is in books' written pages
Lived and learned from fools and
from sages
You know it's true
All the things come back to you

Dream On, Dream On, Dream On,
Dream until your dreams come true ~  "

Aerosmith - Dream On


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