Thursday, September 23, 2010

Selamat Hari Raya Aidifitri

Huh.. its been 2 weeks since the 1st Syawal. But you know what people said, Hari Raya is for a month. I mean, yeah, Syawal is a month in Islamic calendar.. so you know.. still.
Anyway, I was busy. I haven't opened up the internet for.. 2-3 weeks, I guess.. Then I saw that my girlfriend wrote something on her wall and blog, so I thought, yeah, maybe I should write something.

I didn't do much during the Eid, except you know, the usual. Going back to my home village, visiting relatives here and there, hang out with some friends, and eats a lot. I think I gain a pound after all that, huh.. Well I guess it never too much when it comes to Raya right?
 Amy called  me last night and told me how she felt about friendship. She said she feels sad when a friendship end, and it makes her reminiscing of ol'good times. She asked about my feeling and I said, "What kind of friend is that again?".

I mean, come on. Of course I would feel sad if I were to lose a friend, a very good friend that is. Like Abu Hassan, he was a great person. But things come between us, I wanted to further my studies and he.. wanted to travel for a just cause. 

It was 7 years ago.. I remember he always cycle to school, using his father's bicycle. Yeah, he kinda old school 'coz that time I ride on school bus. Abu couldn't afford to so, he rode on the bicycle to school for 4 miles everyday. We always hang out together and do fun stuff. Later he started to join a tarbiyah group and follow them around traveling. During school holiday of course. He used to tell me about this body builder who.. regretted his hedonistic lifestyle and join the tarbiyah groups too. He never told me who was it, because he said its enough to believe that, no matter how far have you fallen, as long you a sane enough to realize you mistakes, its never too late to turn back. Unless of course you committed a genocide, sold your soul to the Devil, or something like that, I don't really think there is a way back from that. Huh..

But it was later revealed that the body builder is indeed, Malik Nor. (I mean, how many body builders in Malaysia anyway..). I didn't get it from Abu, but it was published in a paper about a few years ago but few years later after Abu told me the story. So from there, I could see that Abu have been meeting a lot of interesting people. I guess he is not missing the world right now either. It have been 7 years since we set our path apart, and I haven't met him since. This, is the kind of friend that I really felt its loss. Abu and his bike, tawakkal and afdal. Hehe

Oh yeah, about Amy's friend. of course I felt sad at first. She was involved in a car accident with a lorry trailer and didn't survive it. Then.. it was later, that Amy told me.. when I asked her, how did the accident took place? And she said.. her friend was on her way back home from Genting, and decided to RACE on the way home.
Well.. now I felt sorry for the lorry driver..

So that was the question. What kind of friend do you have? Did they.. hide something from you... And is that for good reason or, their own good reason? Hehe

True Story,


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