Friday, January 21, 2011

[Games] Divinity II: Ego Draconis

I was looking for some data files in my hard disk when I stumbled into this one, my blog entry for Divinity game. I made it last year, not posting it yet because from what I heard, this game have an add-on call Flame of Vengeance. Ego Draconis is in Latin, which means 'I am Dragon'. I've finished this game actually, a long time ago, but I was waiting for put in with the add-on as well, considering it was already out. But I never found the add-on, well not a standalone add-on. All of the DVDs that I found in the stores were Divinity II: Dragon Knight Saga. Which is the remastered version of Divinity II that I already had.

But, I'm done waiting. If there is none to find, then what can I do. Besides, right after posting this, I'm gonna uninstall the game and save some storage for other newer games. My hard disk of 250GB space with different partitions and still, I need to clear some room for new games. Ughh...

Anyway, about this game. This game is indeed unique in its way. Despite the negative receptions that it receives when first launched, the game is not totally bad. I'd say.. not properly polished game that is. The thing is that, this game look like a normal hack & slash RPG game. The only difference is that, well, just like the tittle suggested, you can transform into a dragon. It does sound nice doesn't it? But lets not get excited here.

Even if the gameplay allows the player to shift from being a war-mongering warrior into a fire-breathing dragon sounds cool, be prepared to be disappointed. Because the two transformations is completely unrelated, literally. If you walk like a mere mortal, then you have bandits, raiders, goblins and all ground creatures to fight with. But when you transform into a dragon, you get to fly AND fight with other flying creatures ONLY. See there, you don't get to spew carnage with your dragon mouth to the people below.

Then the game have quite a high requirement. It even require 3.0 Model Shader, which could be found in latest GFX card. But the thing is, the game doesn't actually sports a great graphic. The scenery was good, but it lack of game in-depth. Even when you turn into a dragon and flying high, you could see only so far. The surrounding might seem nice, but the creatures are a bit hard to spot, until you think you saw someone clubbing your head..

But still, the game breath some kind of a refreshing concept. I mean, how many games out there that allow game character to change into a dragon and got into dogfights (more like dragonfight lol!). And the story line was filled with twist and thrill. Spoiler alert, the ending was not a happy one.

All in all, I enjoyed the game but I'm not really recommending it. At least not my version. I mean my game was an old one. I'm sure the remastered version of the Divinity II would fare better.



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