Friday, January 21, 2011

The Whispering Turd

Something caught my attention this week. Its a pretty good story, so good that I LMAO.
The story goes like this..

Apparently there is this person, who secretly bad-mouthing people. Spreading lies and shit like that, making it look like its her honest opinion. Now, I knew she did talk bad behind my back, but I choose to ignore it simply because her own low -very low- integrity.

I have no idea who or even what would ever listened to her words anyway. I pretty sure if she talked to a wall, that wall will drop dead in agony, literally, for unable to make a run away from her.
But that is the thing. Someone were listening to her, and got caught in a huge misunderstanding. I don't blame them of course, given the circumstances that they actually new in town. And nobody bother to tell them otherwise either.

But is it so hard to ask around? You heard something is one thing, asking for validity, is another. Whenever someone done something, they have their reasons, and you wouldn't know what, if you didn't ask. Especially if you're new.

Please.. Don't act like you have seen it all. If one's action puzzled you, ask away the reasons. Making your own conclusions simply because you think its the right reason, is the first step to misunderstanding. 

Now, the event here is about a canned sardine. She took someone else sardine, and claimed it hers. But the poor girl says, not its not. Because the canned sardine was a new one, with an opener on top. While hers, was an old one, dusty under the kitchen, and had to be opened with a can opener. She simply shrugged, and replace the new one she taken with the old one.
Now, the event here is insignificant. Because things seem to work out. You take my things accidentally and you replace it back, nothing to argue about.

But this person, didn't stop there. To leave her 'turd' legacy, she whispered things that she excel the most. Yup, she did. She told the new tenants, that this poor girl who have stayed in that house for more than 2 years.. that she DOESN'T like to share her things. But she LOVES to take other people things.

Now ain't that fucked up?
You know why I suddenly interested with this story? The truth is..

I bought that canned sardine, and I gives it to the poor girl. She is the angel of my heart. When I gave her the can, I saw where she kept hers on the cabinet near the kitchen, pointing out that there are someone else canned sardines under the kitchen. Then later, she told me someone took hers, and replace it with an old canned sardine. I told her, its okay. At least it was replaced. But I warned her, the incident didn't seem to be.. a simple mistake.

I mean, how could you mistook other people stuff, when it was brand new and completely different with yours. Mine was with an opener on top, and it was placed somewhere else from her dusty cans.

But we let it go, believing that is done. Although I did suspect what she would do, given her bad nature. When this story resurfaced back, with a footnote of this poor girl so-called 'bad habits', I laugh so hard I almost spilled my tea. 

Seriously, you would believe that hoe stories? Come on new tenants.. when you guys first coming into that house, she was the one that against it. Saying that she couldn't mixed with people from different departments. She even cursed on you guys for intruding into her tiny little 'group' of friends.  The only thing that make her welcome you later is because you had vehicles brought along.

And for the remaining old tenants, you have been living with her for years. YEARS! She have talked behind people and stabbing their back for ages and you knew it. What makes, really, makes you think, that she wouldn't stab your back as the same? Because you are her BFF? Because you are so special to her? Oh, please...

I met her for the first time and already hearing every single one of your guys 'bad traits'.
But I reserve my judgment, for it unfair to draw conclusion from a mere wild gossips.

This not a high school anymore. You were welcomed by some nice people, only to discredit them when you heard something from some skank.  No only that, did you, at least, ask the real truth from the accused? There is more to life than clinging to a friendship that stinks. 
I learned it the hard way. Maybe you should too..


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