Sunday, January 23, 2011

[Games] Front Mission Evolved

Another one for me to write down and uninstall after is, Front Mission Evolved. Apart from my newly found obsession of Warhammer 40k universe, I was also a fan to Front Mission franchise before. I said 'was' because the last time I played the Front Mission series when I was in high school, and stopped after the game went extensively into other game consoles such as Nintendo DS and mobile phones. I simply don't have time or resources to own multiple game platforms, just to follow a game story... So I simply stopped.

Anyway, my first impression of this game was, 'Wow, so cool.' I watched the game preview in Youtube and was completely awed. This game franchise is known for its gameplay of tactical role-playing. But for the Front Mission Evolved, it was turned into first-person-shooter role-playing game. Well, pretty much looked like an arcade game. The game also came out in 3 different platform, PS3, XBox 360 and PC. Of course with all this changes, the game storyline is also stands apart from the rest of the previous prequels. In fact, if you look into Wikipedia, you'll see that the game is categorized as the Front Mission spin-off.

 I don't have much to say about its gameplay, given that it really just like any simple FPS game. You walk, you jump, you sprint, and you shoot. No taking cover of course when you in 40 foot tall or so robot! What the game still retain however, is the option to customize the Wanzer (Wanderpanzer or walking tank). Its pretty much the same like the prequels before and this, is what makes this game such an interesting one. There are two kinds of weapon to choose, meele or ranged. And there are multiple more types to choose from. From light to heavy machine gun, iron baton to skullcrusher fist, and even mounted shoulder weapon, be it rocket launcher or gattling gun! 

The Wanzer can be customize right before every battle and player must choose wisely, or just use personal preference. I mean, I myself loves cumbering walking tank with heavy firepower, other would like swift moving with hard knuckles. All of this of course can be fitted with a price, which is in my personal opinion is the drawback. Back in the game before, player will buy the equipment from wares and store the items. But in this game, each time the Wanzers is re-equipped, the old stuff would be sold. EACH TIME. Thus you must think more than twice to change the looks..

All in all, the game is good but far from great. I mean, yeah, its nice to finally able to personally piloting one of the Wanzer instead of viewing them from third person view.. But, I'd say the game can get kinda lame after long hours of playing. Its full of repetitive motion, and seriously, there is no replay back value. The fact is that, first time playing was great, then you slowly starting to feel bored. There are almost nothing to achieve in mission after mission. There are medals or achievements to get by finding hidden objects, but there are no rewards whatsoever. Not even an easter egg!
The graphic is nice, but buggy (Yeah, like alot of other games). Especially when you have to walk out of the Wanzer and walk on your own 2 feet. Each time I got to that part of the game, I have to reload my game save, otherwise the graphic started to tear apart. The game could use a bit of polishing, but...

Its kinda sad you know.. Square Enix is probably one of my favourite game publisher of all time. Seriously, DragonQuest and Final Fantasy anyone? And I'm starting to think they are going under the toilet, just like Ubisoft..  Truth to be told, no one cares how long does a sequels come out, as long as they come out good. But to release a half-assed made game like this...


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