Saturday, March 12, 2011

[Games] Batman: Arkham Asylum

One of the best game in 2009. But I played in 2010 though because I didn't have an adequate, gaming system requirement. Coincidentally, by the time I got this game, I've already enjoyed The Batman Animated series and The Justice League. So, I was kinda fascinated with the Batman skills and gadgets after watching those. Wanna know how its feel to be a high-tech detective with fancy gadgets? This is THE game, just for you.


Ok, I must admit this game is a bit demanding. If you don't have GFX card of NVIDIA GeForce 6600 or ATI Radeon X1300 or higher, then no Batman for you. But what to do, this game sports uber graphics, scenery all that is fancy. The game however is far from not being buggy. From what I have read from the net before I acquire this game, there are lot of sound driver problems, non-compatible graphic card driver and so on. I myself encountered a problem with the graphic setting. It took me quite a while to figure out what to adjust, to turn on or off. I could still play the game but after 45 minutes to 1 hour it will shut down my computer. Finally, it turn out that all I have to do is turn off the PhysX apps.. I'm playing a game with high detailed graphic but PhysX must be off. What is the odd of that..

Anyway, thank God that all the troubles worth its while. The gameplay is completely superb. Just because the game focus mainly on being Mr. Detective doesn't mean you won't get a piece of action. There are shitloads of action in this game, different is you do it Batman style. That means no fire arm an no killing, AT ALL! That is what I like about this game. Batman's code of honor. Criminal kills, vigilante don't. The line every justice upholders should never cross.


Check out the graphic. And that, is without PhysX. For the gameplay, this game allows the player to tap into Batman's world. Player can enter the 'detective mode' that activates Batman's special visor in his cowl to detect anomalies, enemies position, object of interest, clues and more. Also it makes you see better in the dark. Now you know how Batman knew where you're hiding. Ha! For battling, there are multiple combat action you can take; attack, stun and counter. And you could combine all to make combos. You can also include some of Batman's gadget like Batarang and grappler gun to add into your combo. All of it to knock down your opponent. Remember, no killing. 


One of this game features that I really like is the 'Predator' tactic. What you do is that, you make a silent takedown. To do that, you need to hide behind walls, or climb on the gargoyle statues. Then either you slide down, and kick their face or just snatch their feet with grappler gun and hung them from the gargoyle statues. Some of the new combos include of you slide down on a rope and snatch their neck until they out of air. The AI is also brilliantly programmed. They respond to lots of thing. For example, you snatch a guy and hung him from the gargoyle statue, then the guy screaming for help (before he went unconscious), then his friends would come to help out. Then BOOM! You blow up the wall behind them with a remote explosives and buried them all together. NICE!


The game story is straight forward and the map is pretty much in linear path. But that doesn't mean you couldn't explore the place. In fact, with the Riddler's riddles all around the places, encourage players to explore, extensively. Of course, it would be around Arkham Asylum only. But the reward for solving the riddles is very, very rewarding. you'll get a tape of some inmate interviews and character's bio. Which is very good. Why? Some of the tapes belong to the Killer Crocs, Scarecrow and even the Joker himself! So yeah, that ought to seduce me to completely complete the game. Hahaha.

This game is one of my most satisfying games of all time. With the preview of Batman Arkham City already leaked out and all over the Youtube, I'd say this game series is one of my most anticipated game in the coming years. For now, I'm enjoying Bulletstorm, which is also a great game, but thinking of Batman: Arkham City is about to be launched, I'm gonna jizz my pants. Serious shit!



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