Friday, March 4, 2011

Trolling Around

Last week, I came across a blog, or more like online journal of certain someone. I've been following the journal for quite some times since last week, and I just couldn't believe the blog content.

I admit that there are a tonne of stuff that I have seen and may yet to be seen in the internet. But I have never across this blog like any other. This blog was talking about me? Nah, even if it was, I wouldn't give a shit. 

But what make this blog so fascinating is the fact that the blog is practically a honey pot for trolls. Wait.. what is trolling and troll means? Hurm.. trolling means doing something fun and trolls are the funny guys. Yep, seriously..  What does it mean by doing something fun you asked?  It is like, you tripped your friend's foot and he fell on his ass, then everybody or just you, laugh at him. Yeah, it mean doing pranks and you the prankster.

Anyway, about this blog, the content was, and still, filled with alot of this guy dissatisfaction over, well practically everything. The funny part of it is that this guy lodged a police report on every single thing he feels discontent with. Imagine this, he feels discontent for having to wait his number to be called in a bank counter, he lodged a police report. Then he feels the police didn't take any action, he lodged a police report against the police. To my surprise, he DID make authentic police reports. Yeah, the police took his report and filed it. I have no idea why.. It's for real!

Then he claimed himself to be a powerful figure because he have never been caught, although he did get jailed for some time for some thing, but he thought of it as an agenda against him made by the government. And yes, he lodged a police report on that too. But then he claims that if he had done wrong in his blog, why he haven't been caught like Raja Petra? Well, one of the possibility is that you being crazy and no one seems to care what you think of. I'm just saying.

He also claimed himself to be a genius, pioneering on alot of the government financial policy. Which is something I doubt of. But then what he did was, yes, that's right, he lodged a police report against the government and the prime minister. Although the police did took his report but I don't think those guys give a rat's ass about it. Probably because the sheer absurdity of his claims.  He said that the MEPS thing for the bank card, was his idea.. His proof was his own written blog entries..

He also have a tendencies of ridiculing, calling names, undermining, you-name-it, on other races. Nothing escapes from his wrath! He always thought that people around him are conspiring against him.. for some reason. The fact that after I went through almost all of his entries, I'm pretty sure that he HAD lodged police reports on everyone in his neighborhood and some from Facebook and Twitter! Damn, that is so not cool.. 

It doesn't take a genius to see that this guy is suffering from a bad case of Schizophrenia. He is.. delusional, paranoid, and worst of all, concocting weird conspiracies. At one point he thought of his slow IPMax internet connection is because of the government conspiracy against him, to steal his money and intellectual materials. Serious shit! 

Anyway, I will not disclosed the guy identity nor the url of the blog because.. something had happened to him this past few days. Apparently he picked a fight (again) with another blogger in a Twitter, who happened to be quite an internet superstar. Thus, leading to this guy getting trolled. How did the trolls trolled on him? Well.. they just posted comments, saying that he is indeed a genius and only he can save us all from this 'conspiracies'. Haha. Anyway its a gruesome scene over there in his blog. So I wouldn't want contribute to an event of him getting pawned so hard that he'll commit suicide.

He is a sick guy. I mean, really, really sick.. In the brain, somewhere.. mentally.

True story,

:. Though I did had my share of trolling on him. LOL


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