Monday, March 14, 2011

Rainy Day

Today something happened. It was raining. Yup, it was raining. On 14th March 2011, it was raining on the evening somewhere around 4 o'clock.

And guess what happened during the rain.. I received a SMS from my girlfriend saying that.. 


I was like, whaaat? Get out of here.. Acid rain? Here? In Malaysia? Thunderstorm in Kuala Lumpur, yeah, but acid rain? I believe April Fool is about 2-3 weeks away, this ain't April Fool yet.

Along with the message were also some advises saying that.. 

Acid rain is dangerous, mmkay? 
Acid rain can cause loss of hair and skin cancer, mmkay?

Haha, sounds serious.. But still kinda weird. Apparently the cause of it was said originated from the nuclear reactor meltdown incident in Japan. Japan, the country got hit by an earthquake and tsunamis last Friday, remember? Yeah, the nuclear plant in Fukushima was hit and kinda having a 'technical difficulties'. 

From what I heard the plant was supposed to be built to withstand such natural disaster but.. it was made to hold against 7.5-magnitude of earthquake. But last Friday the earthquake was at 8.9 Richter scale. Wooo..

Believe it or not, the quake was the fifth most powerful ever hit the world. It surpasses even the Great Kanto Quake in 1923, where it was at 7.9 Richter scale and killed over 140 thousands people in Tokyo area. So yeah, I'm worried. Why shouldn't I?

Anyway, hahaha, about the message. It turns out to be a hoax. I mean, yeah, acid rain could happened, when nuclear plant goes off, but so does mutation. For it to be raining acid in Malaysia after a nuclear plant meltdown in Japan.. nah. That's too good to be true. Quite impossible I might say. If it DOES bring acid rain, then I'd say it'll hit Philippine first, or China. Malaysia.. would be taking more than 12 hours for the acid rain to hit us. It was a quake, not a hurricane.

Another reason why I say the message was a hoax, because I heard the radio made the announcement, saying that, its a hoax. Thank you Mr. Radio. I just laughed at my girlfriend. Hahaha

Anyway thank you to my friends and others for sending me the message. 
It was nice, it means that you care.
I'm really touched.


:. News on the nuclear plant meltdown. From Al Jazeera.


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