Thursday, March 3, 2011

[Games] Divinity II: Dragon Knight Saga

Wow, 3 weeks since my last post.. And I had been busy. I've played like 3 new games and read 6 more new books. And I'm about to get another new book from the Horus Heresy series. Anyway, another game that I've played recently is Divinity II: Flame of Vengeance. Tired of waiting for the standalone expansion to be made or present itself, I've decided to bought the Divinity II: Dragon Knight Saga. The one that contain both Ego Draconis and Flames of Vengeance.


Duh.. now I ended up with 1 DVD of Ego Draconis, and another DVD that have both Ego Draconis and Flames of Vengeance.. I hate it when I have multiple game installer just to have the latest expansion.. This is just like the Company of Heroes. where I bought the the first game, second expansion, and the third one have the whole set.. Damn..

The good part of it is that the new DVD contain the refine version of Divinity 2. And I have to say, they did a very good job out of it. In fact, the game becomes one of my most bug-free games of all time. Seriously. I installed it for the first time and play it through to the end without any hassle at all. 

I believe I have covered the first part of Divinity II called Ego Draconis, so now I'm going to review the second part, the expansion, the conclusion of the game, Flames of Vengeance. The expansion game was made into a small map, in fact, it only revolves around the city of Aleroth and its dungeons. The city is then divided into several sections and there are a few abandoned caves or sewers for the player to go.

Differently from the first game, the monsters in Flames of Vengeance seems to be re-spawned back whenever the player re-enter the dungeons. Probably to help the player to level up because you know.. you can't get out the city at all. Player can however, get back to the dragon tower in Sentinel Island, but that is as far as the dragon knight can go. Sentinel Island is still off limit so, the player could only roam around the tower. Another thing in Flames of Vengeance is that, player cannot and will not be able to transform into a dragon in the vicinity of the city or at the dragon tower. Player will however, finished the game in a dragon form, so to speak.


The story in this expansion continue where the last game stops. In the last game, the dragon slayer was changed into a dragon knight, and ultimately tricked into unleashing the most evil thing into the world of Rivellon, WOMEN! Nah, I'm just kidding. But seriously, it was a woman. And the hero, got stuck in a crystal in some beyond dimension. Thus brings us to next story, Flames of Vengeance. In the expansion story, the hero is brought back to Rivellon, to.. well, practically to clean up his own mess. The game is good, but not great. Why? Because the graphic was superb but the game story is anti-climax. No, nope, I'm not talking about the game's ending, but the FINAL mission. 



In the final mission, the player will get to transform into a dragon to finish the game. The problem here is that, how would you feel after spending hours of playing the game collecting nice items for you character and leveling him up, only to finish it with an ESCORT mission to deliver the final blow? Not the kind that makes me wanna play the game again.. 


Well, at least there is this uber skill called Wrath of the Patriach. Wipe out a portion of enemies and towers.

But still, the game is not entirely bad. Improvement have been made and the game could really keep the player occupied for some time, until the next game come out. For me, I was waiting for the Bulletstorm. Now this game can end up as one of my collection on the shelf.


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