Sunday, January 30, 2011

Which is the worst?

I read something today that really nice and enlightening. I have never thought of it before.
Which one, is the worst?

The story is about a student from the Crime Psychology faculty.
He was tasked by his lecturer, to investigate his own friend and also his roommate.
Apparently his friend was suspected for breaking an entry into another lecturer's office, and took a peek on a question sheet that have yet to be released.
 He was suspected prior to his case during the last 2 years where he was involves in a violence incident.

The student tried to fulfill the task, and ended up feeling bad for suspecting his own friend.
He went back to his lecturer and asked him..
Whether it is the right thing to be doubting his own friend.
He known his friend for years, and he is sure that his friend is not the criminal, regardless of the case of violence that his friend was involved with.
He also said that he already confirmed with his friend that he was not only involved with the violence incident, but was actually one of the victims.
So, he feel bad for his friend..
The Crime Psychology lecturer smiled. And he said,
'Doubting your own friend is not necessarily bad. Its a natural action. Why do humans doubt each other? Its because they wanted to know about each other. Not doubting them would be not showing interest in them. '

The student was surprised to hear that and said that he care for his friend,  its only that he feel regretful that he had to doubt his friend, whom he believe is trustworthy.
The lecturer replied,
'Its not the same as believing in someone. There was a period of time  where you didn't know that your friend was in trouble: the violence incident. And you only knew it when the other lecturer and me mentioned about it.'
The lecturer sighed, and said,
'You shouldn't be regretting for doubting him. You should be regretting, for not showing him any concern all this years, while calling him a good friend.'

The student was shocked, and suddenly realized what the lecturer really tasked him to do. He wouldn't accuse his friend without proof, but he shouldn't let it go without doubting his friend either. Finally, the student was able to solve the case by talking to his friend and his friend was found innocent.
(Apparently the case was that the the lecturer's wife was the one who went into the office, and took some documents that belonged to her from the lecturer's locked drawer. A misunderstanding.)

So there you go. Which is worst? Doubting people around you, or simply believe in them? If you believe someone without a doubt, then you believe blindly. But if you doubt too much, it leads to paranoia.

When you heard something about your friend, always confront them. Even it would hurt your friend's feeling to hear such thing, you do it, because it means that you care about them.
But if you just believe what other people said about you own buddy, and you didn't even bother to clarify from or talk to your buddy, then you just an ignorant fool. In fact, you are the WORST, for calling yourself their friend.

 :. From 'Liar Game-Roots of A'


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