Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Why did Lynas come to Malaysia?

Here is the headline, Lynas is going to build a chemical processing plant in Gebeng, Kuantan, Pahang in Malaysia. The sound of the news doesn't look significant in any way does it? Well, think again.

Someone with balls, finally steps up and make a confession video regarding on this matter. Before I get to that, let me enlighten you ignorant bastards out there what Lynas is.

Lynas is a huge mining corporation, that digs out rare earth. What is rare earth you asked? Seriously? Go google it! The corporation has made a plan to build up a processing plant in Kuantan, Pahang. No, they not gonna dig some rare earth ores over there, but what they would do is that, they going to process whatever ores they have in that plant. That doesn't sound harmful at all right? I mean, just imagine what they would provide to the local. Employments, and some revenue through government tax!

Well, again, THINK! This time, listen to this guy's opinion.

Here is the kicker. Why did Lynas, all of sudden, probably out of compassion and a bit of benevolence I guess, would provide all of that to Malaysia? Why not in Australia? Did I forget to mention Lynas is from Australia.. yes they are. So why? Because Australians have no unemployment problems and they don't need the jobs?

I don't think so! Apparently, the chief executive officer of Lynas, Nick Curtis, said that they wanted to build the plant in Malaysia because Malaysia have more chemicals, more electricity, more fresh water, and more skilled workers. What? What happened in Australia? 
Did it turned into a ground zero??

I think the statement was a total BULLCRAP! You saying that there are not enough fresh water and skilled workers in Australia? I think we all know that the real reason why the plant is not gonna be built in Australia. The reason is simple: 
They don't want that kind of plant! 

Chemical processing plant is a dirty plant. They pump toxic wastes into the water and puff poisonous smokes.

And that is not the only reason! Another reason for Lynas to set up the dirty plant in Malaysia is because they got 12 years of tax exemption. 12 years, that's a whole lot of time there! In other word, Lynas is not gonna pay a single cent to government and people gonna trade wages with their own health!

I'm not going to turn this issue into another 'campaign of hatred' against the government. Because this is not what it is about. This is about corporate moral responsibility and ethic code of conduct
They just, can't DO that!

We all remember what happened in Ukraine where the U.S dumps their nuclear wastes there..
We all remember what happened in Bukit Merah where thorium wastes were dumped there by Mitsubishi's plant..
And we definitely DON'T want to remember what happened in Gebeng 12 years later!!

I agree with Ryan Albrey, when he said that, THIS is the true issue that all Malaysians should address, instead of bickering among each other about someone else sex scandal or who is the next Malaysian top model. Seriously people!

If the people of Australia have the balls to deny the construction of this good-for-nothing dirty plant, then we Malaysians should do too! Screw their money, it can't buy happiness and health. 
Its Priceless!



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