Thursday, May 19, 2011

[Games] Dawn of War - Retribution

Perghhh... It have been how many days? Weeks maybe? I haven't wrote anything in here in a long.. long time. Been busy. That is all I could say. Regardless of my 'busyness', I still played games like usual.. I mean, there are games everywhere. in my PC, my hand phone, even in my wristwatch. I just couldn't get enough. Its where I got my inspirations, to do what.. ever it is I'm doing.

Ok, enough being melodramatic. Lets go to fun part.

For the past few weeks I've been.. letting off some steams by playing a Warhammer 40k game called the Dawn of War. Dawn of War is game made by Relic Entertainment and published by THQ. Yup, these game companies produces some of the best game of all year like the Company of Heroes and many of it sequels. Dawn of War have 2 expansion game, Chaos Rising and Retribution.

 The game story is great. Well, which of the Warhammer 40k stories are bad anyway? The game story again revolves around the war on the sub-sector Aurelia. On the first game, a Space Marine chapter called Blood Raven have the sub-sector as their recruiting ground. The sector however was under attack by Orks and Eldars. Fighting off these xenos, suddenly another xenos jump into the fray and started to make fertilizers out of everybody, literally. The new xenos threat called the Tyranids, causes the Space Marine to scramble around to save whatever worth savings. The story goes on, added a few bits of the other factions point of view...

And finally reaches the part of the Retribution. The part after the Heroes of Aurelia were excommunicated and branded as renegades. Then, the Imperium of Mankind got fed-up with all this hassles and decided to blow everything to kingdom come. In other word, Exterminatus! This is the part where all 6 factions consist of the Imperial Guards, Space Marines, Orks Pirate, Eldar, Chaos Marines and Tyranid needs to do what must be done, before everything is lost!

Anyway.. I'm sorry for rambling too much and delve too much into the game story. I mean, anyone who didn't follow the Warhammer 40k universe wouldn't understand what with this Exterminatus or the Imperium of Mankind. Lets get back to the game. 

Right, the game have included some new units and this time, player would be able to use superheavy vehicles. Nope, don't get your hopes too high. Its not a Titan, but superheavy tanks. For Space Marines there would be the Land Raider Redeemer, Imperial Guards have Baneblade tanks, and so on. Look and the screenshot and prepare to be awed.. Thats Baneblade for you. I know that most if not all, other RTS games have their own superheavy weapons... But this is Baneblade! Bristle with turrets, cannons and whatnot.. It just awesome.. In the earlier Warhammer 40k series like Dark Crusade and Soulstorm have this kind of vehicles, but can they bulldozed buildings? Well, this one can!

For gameplay, there isn't much to say. The fact that its practically the same as the early Dawn of War game. A few changes was made, of course. Units no longer level up till 30 and the skill points have been simplified. Instead of pouring skill points according to personal preference, this time the skill build is, a bit obvious. There are not much to choose from anyway. You'll understand when you play the game..  

Then again, I must congratulate the Relic Entertainment for a new level of game repetition. I mean, wow.. 6 factions and all of them have almost identical stories. In fact, it was so identical, the only difference was the ending! This is like Soulstorm and Dark Crusade all over again!
The only thing that attracts me to try all of the factions, was because the cinematic was too awesome to be left unlocked. Kinda short, but satisfying..

I know I've mentioned this before.. but the game cinematic is way, and I mean really, way better the animated movie of the Ultramarines. I hope in the future they'll use the engines from the game to produce the animated movies..

All in all, the game is great. The gameplay is great way from the beginning. I mean, how is it not when its like playing the Company of Heroes, except its in the future and not all the participants are human.. But still, great graphic, great gameplay and awesome cinematic. What else do you want?


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