Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Book: Warhammer 40k - The Horus Heresy Part 9

Well now, I think I'm back on track. And I start writing the Horus Heresy series in sequence back. Let us start with the seventeenth novel of the series, The Outcast Dead. The setting this time took place in Terra after Magnus 'incursion' into the Emperor's forbidden Imperial Palace Dungeon.

The story revolves around a 'broken' astropath named Kai Zulane. When Magnus the Red barges into the Imperial Dungeon by means of sorcery, the psychic backlash caused a terrible warp disturbance which greatly affect the City of Sight. The city houses the famed Scholastica Psykana, where psyker such as astropath and alike are trained. The effect devastated the psyker cadres stationed there all but one, Kai Zulane.

Due to his broken psyche, the only thing passed into his mind is the future vision and revelation of the Horus Heresy's culmination. Imperial agent quickly try to gather this sensitive information to tip the balance into the Imperial balance by any means necessary. Unfortunately, Kai Zulane broken psyche causing the information extraction proved to be difficult.

At the same time in the prison, the very same where Kai Zulane is tortured, lies 7 legionary from the Traitor Legion. Imprison for the same reason, information extraction, just like Kai Zulane, the legionaries were bidding their time to escape. When the moment came and pass, Kai Zulane was taken along with the legionaries to be brought to the Warmaster Horus Lupercal, the Emperor's traitor son.

During in transit toward the rebel camp, Kai Zulane was visited in his dream by a mysterious figure who turn out to be Emperor himself, unlocking the vision of the future thus giving the Emperor the decision to be made at the end of Horus Heresy.

Next one, is the eighteenth novel of the series title Deliverance Lost. Now, this is the novel that I was waiting for. This book covers on another primarch named Corvus Corax from the Loyalist Legion of the Raven Guard. From the summary of the Horus Heresy, Corax was known to be defeated along with the bulk of his Legion during the dropsite massacre of the Isstvan V.

However, he managed to escape barely with his skin attached when one of the Raven Guard cruisers that was supposed to stay behind makes a daring attempt to contact with the lost Loyalist forces in Isstvan V. Corax aboard the ship and make haste back to Terra to report the devastating losses suffered by the Loyalist.

With Ferrus Manus, primarch of the Iron Hand Legion, lies dead while Vulkan, primarch of the Salamanders Legion, was missing. To add further to the terrible losses was that the majority of the three Legion sent to Isstvan V were completely annihilated. Legionaries, veteran, war machine and material were all lost with the possibility that the three Loyalist Legion would be out of action for the remainder of the war.

Corax, however, was not just to sit on his ass while waiting for traitorous bastard brothers to come and knock on his front door. During his stay on Terra, Corax took the opportunity to ask help from the Emperor to rebuilt his Legion using the ancient gene technology, the very same used for the Primarch Project. Using the ancient gene technology, Corax manage to quickly breed a new batch of legionaries. Not enough to quickly restore the Legion to full strength but sufficient enough to organize raids and lightning strikes. However, Corax's plan did not go unnoticed by the illusive Alpha Legion, especially by their primarch Alpharius Omegon.

Hmmm.. I love it when novels was about the primarch or the Legion instead of some random bystander..


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