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Book: Warhammer 40k - The Horus Heresy Part 8

Its been a while since I wrote about my favorite sci-fi novel series. Well, its not that I stopped reading them. If anything, I actually read even more. Now I have read almost every piece of Warhammer 40k novel series, like the Imperial Guard series, Nightlord series, Word Bearer, and many more. The only difference now is that I no longer purchase the physical copy of the book, instead I bought them as e-book. I tried the audio book once, the Garro series, didn't enjoy it. Maybe because I love reading in silence, you know, instead of listening someone reading it to me.

Anyway, I almost forgot where I stopped. Not to mentioned I jumped and skipped around with the book's number, well, no matter. All I need to do is find the one that I haven't wrote yet. Tales of Heresy is the tenth book in the Horus Heresy series. It composed several short stories, in other word, a book of anthology. There is not much that I could tell about the short stories, all of the event happened in between during the Horus Heresy with two exceptions. Two short stories in here that caught my attention.

One of them is titled 'After Desh'ea'. This story takes place during the time when the Emperor found one of the missing primarches. Desh'ea, hmm, there is only one primarch hailed from there and it is none other than Angron himself, known as the Red Angel. Of all the primarches in the Warhammer 40k universe, Angron is almost as mysterious as the Alpharius. Where Alpharius homeworld was never revealed, Angron however is the only primarch who doesn't rule or conquer his homeworld. In fact, back in his world, it is know that he was captured and made as a fighter in a gladiatorial pit. In other word, he was a former slave. But the short story, well it is a short story, only cover the part where the Emperor 'kidnap' Angron from the planet side.

Which during that time Angron was leading his gladiator friend's in a rag tag armies of slaves to rebel against the high-born. Angry, being snatched from his fellow fighters, Angron killed one of the Emperor's praetorian forcing the Emperor to teleport Angron to another ship, his own ship, the Conquerer. There, Angron's own legion, initially know as the War Hound, try to reason with him, only to be killed one-by-one (yeah, he is really angry at that time and all the other time as well). Each and every Chapter Master, Commander, Captain, pretty much all the legion's higher up was killed trying to reason with him. Until finally he was calmed by Kharn, captain of the Eight Assault Company. Convinced that now the Legion is his new gladiator fighters, Angron renamed his Legion as the World Eater (back on Desh'ea his rag-tag army was known as the City Eater).

And the other short story that becomes my personal favorite, is title 'The Last Church'. This event takes place before the Great Crusade even began. It happened during the Age of Strife on Earth. At that time, the Emperor was well known throughout the globe as his first prototype of superhuman soldiers called, Thunder Warrior, marched relentlessly against all adversary. The Emperor was ending all wars among the people of Earth by either offering or forcing the allegiance from every nations and states to the Emperor's banner. Ruthlessly, the Emperor also destroyed every fane, temple, and church to stamp out superstition and deity worship in order to introduce the Imperial Truth. It is in this church, the last one standing on planet Earth that the priest tried to withhold to his belief, finally relented when he realize the grand vision of the Emperor.

Next book is the Age of Darkness, the sixteenth book in Horus Heresy series. It is also an anthology book, consist of several short stories. Not much to tell and personally I didn't find any of the short stories to my liking with the exception of the 'Savage Weapon'.

In the 'Savage Weapons' short story, it reveals what happened to the First Legion, the Dark Angels, during the Horus Heresy (they were missing during the conflict). It turns out that they were engaging one of the traitor Legion, the Night Lords, in the Thramas sector.

They were locked in a stalemate and neither could break free because both Legion was personally commandeered by their own primarch. Finally, Conrad Curze, primarch of the Night Lords, invites Lion el'Jonson, primarch of the Dark Angels, to parley in order to break the stalemate.

However it turns out that Conrad Curze have no intention to parley, in fact he just wanted to reveal his 'sight' (it is known that Curze have a gift of foresight in a form of vivid dreams) to his erstwhile brother, el'Jonson. In his dream, he saw what would have become of el'Jonson after war. This infuriates el'Jonson, causing them to change blows with swords and lightning claws, with later reduced into brawling to the ground. When both were finally disengaged, both by their own praetorians, the opposing Legions quickly resume the fight again. Only this time, el'Jonson is troubled greatly. For Curze dreams, never not come to pass.

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